Trolling Like A Boss. all credits to SHORT TEMPER 44444 WV my photo camera is a bit blue. g: Mam ME J please bah) me with my photo when i ta i love you
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Trolling Like A Boss

44444 WV
my photo camera is a bit blue.
g: Mam ME J
please bah) me with my photo
when i take the photos comes out an bins
i med Erasing the we but it did not work
also I have added a puma Cooked with my when
this is not we at an so it cannot be the "
maybe my camera ' into the met
anywais I want hole with my mend to he = as dear as the photo with my
thanks my much in
Photosoup Request e L grim (Um
Hey Weensy.
icouldn' tand the we eraser we you wave taming amt. . made the picture nut
grmth my "tutti?
was hard to match the met and Second ans. m i nuns. i gm it pretty ck e How it we we hum
unmet were men tn the Lemma!
me mm we can new anything she
Mar Mr, (7 days ago)
You forgot the pineapple house but its not what i wanted
mm what is the Curves too!’
please delete the Wake: and undenyable animals
Photoshop Request q, am gum , ces to days " ©
manor only men» the
change more q used
no the an photo was the one i needed changed
what the fuck happened with my ham
this is wrong my change the first photo with the and my mend
Photoshop Request q, E gum -
sorry weener.
you t
Mud it In! you
want. you
opaque Team
wetted e. a [ dday w,
turn m.
s not what wantedto
just want the photo without the bins
is that so had to ' understandd
Request a My Mar so I days "
M . You are being W rude
en! hon , rm your photo. and t , my you treat me"
i minis [ INF. out any more mess you anon . and a . HY EXACTLY whatyou want
Werner Ta, ' day my
my request was the Oriya] photo without the we
don! [WW' rt up again
Potatoshot Request q, My gm My a (1 day "
in Werner _.
i wee med
an lg in send it (Nev enemy
Photosoup Request g M gum!‘ cum E? H as " B' new "
Wig man now
the Mus is gone thanks
but why you make me a midget?
thisiswhyi shit senate
forget about this request i don! want your has anymore
Request g L Eeia mm 2 an AM " new a
are and -
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