What 4chan thinks of Funnyjunk. Well there you go, that's what /b/ thinks of us.. File: -( 40 KB, 280x280, _ designing) WI": We talk like we' re hem Funnyjuck C four chan b
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What 4chan thinks of Funnyjunk

Well there you go, that's what /b/ thinks of us.

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File: -( 40 KB, 280x280, _ designing)
WI": We talk like we' re hem Funnyjuck
Cl Anonymous (ID: Heaven) (/ 12( Wati) 20: 48: 02
How do they even talk en there? I was number fer tap thumbs en comments, then the content went to **** so new Must go there fer the **** section - which in
all honestly isn' t that great either.
When I stopped going on that website, all I can remember is people bitching about "thumbs." That' s why khan is superior, the anonymity leaves no mom fer
drama and bitching about other users. I also remember that they would get really mad at trolls. People would create accounts and spam pictures in the comments,
and , is festering with little 12 year eld trollbait so it wt) cked em really well fer the trolls. Also, original content went to **** we the only people whe could make frend
page were the regular "comic makers" and the odd funny random picture. A whale bunch of "interesting facts" and **** like that became popular tee- Apparently
neather have "channels," which I suppose is their equivalent of boards. My friend told me he spent 2 hours browsing the delen channel last night, and I think they
have a khan channel tee- Uh **** , and the place started to get infested with bronies tee- God damn, that website really fell hard now that I think about it.
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Submitted: 04/05/2012
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#1 - houseofbrick (04/05/2012) [-]
my response to 4chan
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