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#110 - anonymous (04/03/2012) [-]
It's called NORSE mythology for a reason, not DANE, not SWEDE, not FINNISH OR ICELANDIC. Thor ******* Christ. And Marvel is obv. trying to destroy Norse mythology by making this movie, as they don't know **** about how it really is. tldr? **** you, because if you're not from norway you're a **** . A weak little **** with no power whatsoever. It's a norwegian religion, it always has been. We were helped by the Gods to rape all other countries in the ************* world.
#133 to #110 - anonymous (04/03/2012) [-]
Retarded person that doesnt know that Norse is all of those... Norse aint Norway.
retard is retarded
User avatar #131 to #110 - bulwark (04/03/2012) [-]
You got something to say you filthridden piece of heathen **** ? Denmark is THE viking country, now **** off and die in a snowmound
#137 to #131 - anonymous (04/03/2012) [-]
Lolwat? That explains why Norway ****** your women, stole your money, burnt your houses and all that. Also your language is just ridicilous. Not even you yourselves understand what you're talking about when conversating.
#129 to #110 - anonymous (04/03/2012) [-]
Norse aint only norweigen you retard ...
#122 to #110 - anonymous (04/03/2012) [-]
Dude, don't rage so much. I will agree that Norwegians pretty much pillaged every country they came across, gods help? Nah, brute force and shrooms. And I will also agree that marvel doesn't know **** about Norse mythology. For example: Thor can't fly, his bucks can. Thor is the god of peasants, if you worshipped him you would have a good year (@your farm). And they let out Odin's ravens, Thor was a ginger, Loki (Loke) always knew what he was and so forth. But still, if you point it out in that way you're only gonna get red thumbs fosho.
#115 to #110 - lassek (04/03/2012) [-]
Lawl, bitches got raped by denamrk.    
Nah, im just trolling.
Lawl, bitches got raped by denamrk.

Nah, im just trolling.
User avatar #113 to #110 - backseatdrivers (04/03/2012) [-]
That was the worst argument ever. If it were supposed to be for norway it would be norwegian mythology you ******* idiot. And you know the following but i am going to say it anyway. Norse means NORTHEN! Denmark (my country), norway and sweden were known as the north. DAAAMN you are stupid
User avatar #118 to #113 - istoleyourface (04/03/2012) [-]
Also, he said that norway raped all other countries, as I remember it Denmark had control over Norway for quite a few years... together with parts of England, Sweden and Germany.... How is that for Rape?...
User avatar #150 to #118 - thefunnylaughter (04/03/2012) [-]
not in that times when whe where true vikings the danes had nothing they could do against the norwegian vikings
User avatar #119 to #118 - backseatdrivers (04/03/2012) [-]
thank you kind sir. And yes we did, but as of now norway is on the top compared to Denmark (just to give them some credit.. they are filthy rich)
User avatar #125 to #119 - istoleyourface (04/03/2012) [-]
Buuuttt where did they get all that money? The north sea, who gave them a great part of what they have? Us the Danes... Which was also stupid.. But w/e
User avatar #159 to #125 - lassek (04/03/2012) [-]
The got da oil ..
#112 to #110 - anonymous (04/03/2012) [-]
And just to add because of retards beneath; Fitte can mean, ***** , **** , ****** , coward, homo, retard and many other things. It's basically a word you can use to anything.
User avatar #111 to #110 - boeka (04/03/2012) [-]
Finns don't have Norse mythology. We had Ukko.
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