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#82 - anon
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(04/03/2012) [-]
Wow guys, Seriously this is a pointless argument. Bc if any of you really knew what the work ****** meant we wouldnt b talking about this. but here let me educate you all.
A ****** is an ignorant person.
Ignorant is lack of knowledge or awareness where it's by choice or not.
The reason why black people are called ******* is really bc of slavery bc they really didnt know. Now in the USA every child must go to school so no one should ever have an excuse why they do not kno basic knowledge.Yes there are a lot of black people that act the stereotypically way by choice. but theres also plenty of WHITE TRASH PEOPLE. you understand me. WHITE TRASH, someone missing teeth and dont know **** about anything that matters. So if you guys really wanna talk about ******* and this picture go right on ahead bc i cant change your opinion no matter what but at least you can put up a better debate.