Three Chinese Tortures. please thumb, it took me about an hour and a half to make. Gather ‘round, erklaren, gather round Ct] goochmaster has a story for you. Th
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Three Chinese Tortures

please thumb, it took me about an hour and a half to make

Gather ‘round, erklaren, gather round
Ct] goochmaster has a story for you.
Thrs ks the story... as "The Three
chanese Tarturus".
There unce was a merchant, who was travelling
through the maintains, tryong ta reach
hrs next .
However, the maintains that naght were
strewn wath suckups . However,
the merchant knew that he needed ta reach
the next tel/ -In ta make hrs lookng.
eey 9
After travelling all naght through the
the merchant grew weary as hrs
pack grew heavy. He knew he needed ta rest,
but there was nu shelter kn sight.
suckng certain death, he decoded
ta continue an kn hopes as finding a place
ta rest.
After same mare tune passing, there was stall
nu Sign as any shelter. The merchant was
gaang ta give up and face hrs death.
aut then, at that moment, up ahead an
the maintain, he saw a saint glow. wath
new hope arising kn hrs heart, he knew he
had ta push a lettle bl: further.
Luck had turned kn hrs navac- for kt was
a small cottage. He went ta the due: and
pounded suriously an kt, haking for
someone ta be there.
A small, old chanese man opened the door.
I apolagize for yuu, skr.
I am a travelling merchant, and I seek
refuge from these awful . I
dan' t mean ta , but laulaa you
be ta let me stay for the nighto"
Thank you very much, kanal man. I shall
never forget: suck generosity."
Upon entering the cartage, the merchant
lokal hrs eyes an the mast
The old man spake:
Thrs ks my granda slaughter.
she army gnaws a sew wards kn engrish.
My anly rare here ks that you may nut
steep wath her, for she ks my precious
rittre flawed."
nut fret, old man. wath the kinkiness
you have shown me, I laulaa never alu such
a traitorous thang. You have my word. ll
reaad. _ thets
aleready. _"
The merchant , for he had never heard
ofthose" ".
In the as the naght, the
snuck intu the merchant‘: raum.
he. _ .herrer ll
The merchant awake: "Uh.. hm? Y... Yes? What
The merchant knew what she wanteed ta alu,
anal heeded the old man‘: warning.
aut, your grandfather talal me nut ta.
I can' t, I am an honorable man."
My raum. came.", she sexd
unce mare, and the raum.
The merchant became troubled.
Thrs was the mast wuman he had
ever seen, and he might never see anuther
wuman as . However, he was an
honorable man, and had never broken a
premise kn hrs whale lase.
He came ta one conclusion.
He laulaa have ta be very buket.
That naght, the merchant had made
the mast passionate lave that he ever
had kn hrs whale lase. He knew that
what he was alking was wrung...
It felt: so raght.
Early the next murning, the merchant
had woken up to a must peculiar thang... 7
For an hrs , was a huge, cement
There was a note an the black.
rust chanese turture.
cement block an grunn.
The merchant had became - he
knew the old man found aut. The merchant
decoded ta act quickly; he laulaa threw
the block aut as the , grah hrs thangs,
anal head aut as quickly as .
The merchant threw the block
aut as the , whach
restful aver a glam?“ sheer
here was a note attaching ta
e as well.
Left testicle attached
ca black.
quickly, the jumped
aut as the so hrs testacle
wouldn' t: get rapheal ass. Way alain
below was a very sanely beach.
Way alain below was a message
kn the sand, written kn
large letters. The message
Third Chinese Torture
Right testicle attached to
bed post.
TL; DR l If an old chinese man
tells you NOT to **** his
granddaughter. . .
Don' t **** his granddaughter.
by colchester
inspired by old joke
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Submitted: 03/31/2012
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#3 - Womens Study Major (03/31/2012) [-]
Half an hour my ass, this is a repost
#2 - Womens Study Major (03/31/2012) [+] (1 reply)
#1 - trainalf (03/31/2012) [-]
I've heard this joke many a time. Though this is the first comic I've seen. Thumb for you sir.
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