Another 9fag. This isn't the description you're looking for.. asain/ ii'" The cancer of the internet. A place where foreign people who don' t know better and ne
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Another 9fag

This isn't the description you're looking for.

Tags: Thug aim
asain/ ii'"
The cancer of the internet. A place where foreign people who don' t know
better and newfags go to rebel in their own ****** glory. Memes were
created in the something awful forums, or born, raised in ychan, killed in
reddit, buried in tumblr/ funnyjunk, and put on shameful display in agao.
The worst part, is that they claim the memes to be made by them.
Even worse than that, they try to sell those memes on and pins.
**** .
ALL THE THINGS! EMS I' m so forrever stone! this is the funniest
place on the planeta ychan is scary H". ANAD u -
typical Stray user.
by timm can as
A website where emery user on it enjoys gagging on 9 dicks in their mouth
at once.
Person 1: Eye? is such a funny website!
Person 2: Have you told your girflriend about you massive addiction to
penis yet?
buy % E mugs til shirts
was up, sin down Q fia)
A horrible excuse for a website than mainly incorporates stolen materials
and ideas from other legitimate websites. SEAS is also a large source of
child pornography.
I was going to get on the Internet today but then I remembered that
existed so I destroyed my computer out of frustration.
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Submitted: 03/31/2012
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#1 - manwithatoaster (03/31/2012) [-]
The fact about 9gag stealing content and claiming it as their own is true. I remember an FJ user made some content and then a user on 9gag stole it and added the watermark. Of course this probably happens more often than I think.
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