why some people dont believe in god. the best questions are the ones you can make people answer themselves. why don' t people believe in COD? 19 minutes ago Lik
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why some people dont believe in god

the best questions are the ones you can make people answer themselves

why don' t people believe in COD?
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Fwd -whv don' t people believe in unicorns?! ‘go’!
18 minutes ago . Unlike . , 2 people
l," cause for starters their not real
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Rato -And vou sav that based on what grounds, sir?
16 minutes ago . Like
has ever seen one!!!!
1. 6 minutes ago . Like
Rato -- vou' re saying you have to SEE something to
believein it? hamm
15 minutes ago . Like
i' rra not saying that! and , if vou wanna
go there, how come no one ever found unicorn bones?
13 minutes ago . Like
Flam . OKI. Noahtok' re saying vou must have
PHYSICAL EVIDENCE in order to believe in something? What
about faith?
minutes ago . Unlike -:21 I person
1." -mm ere' s nothing about faith when it comes to
Unicorns! it' s something from a children' s book, For Christ' s
10 minutes ago . Like
Rato -- vou' re implying thatle shouldn' t believe in
things that only exist in fable books?
El minutes ago . Like
and besides that, if unicorns REALLY
existed, some biologist would already have published
something about then
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Rato -EEK. Let me recap this one more time.
You' re saying that, For someone to believe something exists
we must have:
l) Factual evidence;
2} Physical evidence;
B) Scientific evidence;
4) All this evidences must come from somewhere other than a
I guess now you understand why some people don' t believe in
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Submitted: 03/30/2012
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User avatar #5 - supermudkipz (03/30/2012) [+] (1 reply)
>Bash christians on the internet


#1 - goingtopuke (03/30/2012) [+] (32 replies)
is there any particular reason why funnyjunk has been so obsessed with religious posts lately
#101 - turboplague (03/31/2012) [-]
Post religious content on FJ and...
Post religious content on FJ and...
#85 - jeppetp (03/31/2012) [-]
My religion: Hakuna ******* Matata
#141 - drumhero **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#33 - xxxsonic fanxxx (03/31/2012) [+] (3 replies)
To be straight and honest. Religions are a crock of dangerous evil, de-humanising, superstitious lies. Now I do understand that back then religions were made up for a different reason, in order to give hope, to give faith, to give something to live for. But look what religions are now. Evil, money thirsty, blood spilling, killing, hate, every single bad thing I can think of is caused because of religions, mostly. Lately, nor ever in that matter, religions have only brought us some really bad and evil stuff and people still give money to this and believe in this. Now after all of this I do not feel like I have a right to insult religions, but I feel like I have a duty to do it. On the other hand, somehow religious people can spit and treat atheists like pest and we cannot say anything to them? Who made this rule up? I mean come on, be rational, **** religions, they just do bad stuff. I am born as a christian, but I have to say that christianity is The stupidest religion in the world. People wearing crosses around their necks... What was a cross? It was a torture device. Islam is idiotic as well, killing people by throwing stones at them because they made love, treating women like sex slaves and nothing else. if people just pull their **** together and stop killing each other because someone has told them to do it, this world wouldn't be such a mess. "Oh he's muslim, therefore I hate him!" ... Are you retarded? Stop this. The pope has a golden throne, a golden stick, and so many things worth literally millions, if not more. If he sells that useless garbage and sends the money to people that really need it, for example: Starving and dying kids in Africa... he'd be respected. 25.000 people die in Africa each day, and religious people have an excuse why they're not helping them, which is: "We're praying for them." **** sakes... Use your mind for once in your life and really, **** religions, they're not what they were ment for.
User avatar #81 - burtonkillz (03/31/2012) [+] (1 reply)
my religion is: be a good person and you dont got **** to worry bout.period.
#66 - partygavinparty **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #17 - soerd (03/31/2012) [+] (1 reply)
i've seen this but it's so perfect that i thumbed again. my opinion on religion is that you can believe it if you want to but it's essentially just a crutch for unintelligent people to live in an ethical way.

btw i had to retype that like 10 times i' m pretty drunk lol.
User avatar #3 - chris chris (03/30/2012) [+] (2 replies)
Ryo seems clever, but thats only cuz the other guy is an idiot
the only atheist Vs religious debates you ever see (especially on fj) one of the two people is an idiot who does not understand what they are talking about
#59 - obliquezombie (03/31/2012) [-]
Look, I get it, there are idiot Christians who put a bad name to other, intelligent Christians on Facebook.

I get it.

Can we PLEASE stop posting this crap, now? The number of religious "debates" are getting ridiculous.
User avatar #13 - damngodit (03/30/2012) [-]
I love how the one person said exactly what the atheist needed.
Makes it seem legit.
#108 - colehaffner (03/31/2012) [+] (1 reply)
repost, however i will still thumb bc this is true trolling, not the 9fag way of trolling, aka "hurpdurp you clicked my fake link omg i trolled you soo hard n00b trololoolol"
pic unrelated
#54 - trimageryan (03/31/2012) [-]
This...This is the most wonderfully clever things I've seen on this site in a while.
This...This is the most wonderfully clever things I've seen on this site in a while.
#181 - potatomasherdim (04/02/2012) [-]
this just made my day, fukken lol'd my atheist ass off
this just made my day, fukken lol'd my atheist ass off
User avatar #121 - robskul (03/31/2012) [+] (2 replies)
brb, about to go logic on some asses
User avatar #136 to #135 - robskul (03/31/2012) [-]
what does that have to do with anything?
#6 - kurtr (03/30/2012) [-]
Send that Ryu guy to me...
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