Trolling Most Beautiful Teen. This most beautiful teen stuff on Facebook was really bugging me, so I did this. I did not write the text, it is a copypasta.. fac funny facebook so cash copypasta trolling
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Trolling Most Beautiful Teen

Trolling Most Beautiful Teen. This most beautiful teen stuff on Facebook was really bugging me, so I did this. I did not write the text, it is a copypasta.. fac

This most beautiful teen stuff on Facebook was really bugging me, so I did this. I did not write the text, it is a copypasta.

Went‘ Mas! falbum
He/ Facebook, Shared) an Puma:
My name as Trent, and 1 hate every we we All / are fist, retarded,
who spend every second of wen day boong sesame ass Dames ass are
everythig bad an we was Honesty, have m was ever gotten aw WSW‘ 1 . Teams Phatty
mean, 1 guess es fun ms Dunes because ofyour awn , but F Add New
as all we mane s whole new kwel was as even worse wan sans was wanes
an Facebook " Wad
sane be s stranger Just ht me Wm your boltshot pretty nan perfect 1 was
seam of we football team, and starter an Ty basketball team Teamsports a you Make Prams mum
Nay, Why than ' naked drawn Japanese semen 1 sass get ' s, Removethis was
and have a banging hat (Shams: blew me, We was SD cash) Van are all
Thanks __
Pixelated) : as an
we (ammend ans e as s J' t V
sh -snd
14 was we was
ED t share
names as we
minutesago -we -an
ween immence shistorm-
names as - we A 2
a names as we -so 1
a rankles as we
doesnt get the Joke‘:
gnomes ago' Uke' Ky 1
Inn: - 'hey /n/ rs amen an s amuse, butt have
as thread swans boastfully sane sauna
granules as we a 1
murr was mews sew Fuming
names as Unike -so a
tme and must
a names as we as
as rankles as we
Emu» -sew as as ass dumb w s sad
a we head Just sans m wean the , 1 get w was asses
dumb payed we s
was wth w we mus as sceans we as
as names as we "KYW
an sans was
Treas as s an than 1 thoughted be
we -as
Alexi's‘ t‘ mud’
as rankles as _ we
may enema aw jam 73 atheis
was a have was guy
as rankles as - we
rever‘ Lu\ ens sane be a dumb a even sad
as we wanna
as rankles as - we _ A 1
He He new dd and hes am
as names as we -so 1
en the Internet"
as -we
we sens s we dafuqq
34 names as we
He acually dd saneness cantidad
as names as - we
names as - we
Alexis -
as we
u he never fuckn sad t
as names as we
Chelsea - " Mutual menus
dang hate a
as ‘Unike A 1
ass hate an was you
now tell me was a when yen sane was W and wtfs
your problem 7 tihng perce tn day’ youre a hens, 1 we
how you try an be a and bokile Pauly 117 hahahaaha
Parites as we
Trevar‘ He acually bascially dd ass gotta
Parites as we -so 1
Alexis‘ suvs SUR? SUN sane say gay as
names as we
Trevar‘ HEW are mum new swam R u
as names as we
rankles as we -so 1
Alexis Ease nae war
names as we
names as
I‘ m screen/ g all Mme thatwas
attuned here and 1 MI we t somewhere an the Internet 1 sane
was where yet
names as we -A 2
Umm, Hahahahaha) as yen aren' tigerfist nae
We s Pauly In wanna sea
names as we -so 1
News does nae arrasa
Trites as we -A 2
w get " were s test
names as we
ease Heads wan out and seem
your penors
names as we
senses manna Wu an A use manna mack
names as we -A 1
an names as we -A 1
guy as aim, we so man and stop
saws hes gay and was as as w all an u
we t means st: sane saw y
Alexis - an
an rankles as we
Lu\ © any she thank was as
real newfag
29 rankles as we
guys stop Mhong u sense Tyr sass
names as we
mm nan man hes mum men allu nu New Max
m names as we
Nick nerw\ y and nee aam. nae making fun w
weave, fhe was he would macfag
renames as we
Alexis‘ Mans was
renames as we
s wax I
renames as we
been told an s hammer
25 names as we -A 1
Trenna_ Ifi could be any mu! twould be s wrench why’
are badass)
24 names as we -A 1
a mu, guys cram
21 names as we
the shitstorm as ass
21 rankles as we
we a We haw my dd that we you en
21 names as we
As scan as your nan es make
she made s huge nassie fading your dad tandem
19 rankles as we -A 1
19 names as we
Brian 1 we
names as we
we M an you
rankles as we
then shut the wane dam up
renames as we
1, animes as we
my we says meme
renames as we
have an wth trent
15 names as we
suck New
15 names as we
as we
names as - we
Brian‘ we
19 names as - we
thaanks has M fa! you
15 names as - we
man ‘new then shut we we door up
names as _ we
Bruin‘ In
rankles as _ we
nu one says shuttle
anymore, buddy.
renames as -we
troller have an saw trent
names as we
suck 30 Try New
names as - we
Nathan ‘we truong keel of was as
was DAMN man
t? names as - we
rou MI be s congratulatory was We
an Mandy you may av may nae be M ass
s names as _ we
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