We must stand up for ourselves. sorry its so long.. new us funny Jenkees thunk we look new we aee / Readmit null We " lull " III new /b/ sees us new eyeline els We must stand up for ourselves sorry its so long new us funny Jenkees thunk we look aee / Readmit null " lull III /b/ sees eyeline els
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We must stand up for ourselves

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We must stand up for ourselves. sorry its so long.. new us funny Jenkees thunk we look new we aee / Readmit null We " lull " III new /b/ sees us new eyeline els

sorry its so long.

new us funny Jenkees thunk we look
new we aee / Readmit
null We " lull " III
new /b/ sees us
new eyeline else sees us
What: Funny junk lacks 111: 9 ta
veteran Funny ;.enkele aee us
We as e whole need ta anee 51: 9
ourselves. ' s nee nenene fault: the we
aee over run ween neechee, -
ukfags, trolls, or else
that we aee as h: engang dawn anee 51: 9.
My brothers and 515: 9: WE must: be the anee
who neing en anee new wave of Funny Junk
We must: stop guang ta other 51: 95
and tavaraa thexy content.
We must: start: nekane aee av/ -In jokes,
We mug: earn we respect: of the .
Nat just: another waste land of meme garbage
yee hear the call Funny Junk?
Spank yee Very Much.
Thain: see the read, new hires your funny.
Me en Earth and Space Class
me. Deck 15 walkaway about and eeing
e Lazar ta Show us places en nee
Map en the wall by the .
When he gets ta the tap of the nee
the reflects we the make and makes
When anee stupad aee chack named
Harp yells aee (and I swear ta god
word aee ward)
ah my gee; . neeh new an yee
get ewe dots? the lazers en ta places?
new aee yee that?"
All e could eey wee...
neeh tavaraa full advantage of anee..
Its the edwee or Forcer yee - knew
the edwee of : gng dots yee must: study the
powers of the the yada young one"
She asked u would get nee
extra <: reddt, ta anee day she
stall has no clue what: he nene.
Thats u fulksa hope yee enjoyed my
slave labor.
meme and Grammar l\ lazas: seedy..
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> hey anon, wanna give your opinion?
#1 - anon id: 29927b5f
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(03/24/2012) [-]
Though the idea of us creating our own jokes seems great, we have to look at the reason why we take from other sites in the first place. Many other comic sites have teams of professionals that are paid to create funny things for a living. Funnyjunk, on the other hand, is comprised of 13 to twenty-something year olds that, in general, may not have a whole lot of expierience creating funny, original content. This explains why "our jokes" are so "bad", which I see as a common complaint. Many of us are also in school, so we're (mostly) too busy to create thousands upon thousands of fresh ideas for funny content, explaining why we take pictures from other websites. The purpose of Funnyjunk should be more like an image sharing site, where individuals come together to show each other what funny things they found on the internet. However, I wholeheartedly agree with your statement that Kony, the Ugandan hero is not to blame for any of the negative internet culture found on this site.
User avatar #3 to #1 - SpankYouVeryMuch [OP]
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(03/24/2012) [-]
first of all, thanks for not being a troll. i do understand that we aren't paid for our funny, nut 9gag and all of them arent as well. we sit here and complain about reposts, so its about time we did something about it, and if there are thos who don't wanna help find, be it as it may we need more people to have pride in out site and not just use it for a few moments of frontpage glory..
#4 to #3 - anon id: 29927b5f
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(03/24/2012) [-]
I agree, I see a whole lotta' people complaining, and not a whole lot of action being taken. This then brings me to the idea that, instead of trying to find a way to stop posts we don't want, we just ignore them. We can skip over reposts and pony posts if you don't like them. BUT, I can see this being abused. I've seen people repost something from the front page three days after it was posted and still get front page... You're definately right when you say that the only way to stop these maladies is to excercise more discipline and pride in our community, but I can't see how this can be done by group of people separated over the internet. Perhaps complaining so that people get the message isn't such a bad idea... The only thing I could imagine happening is that people just skip over posts they don't like, and don't take the ins and outs of this website too seriously... I dunno. I haven't been following the politics of what's going on (deleted my account last year), so I'm not completely sure if the "content removal request" really works, cuz' I've seen a lot of copyrighted stuff on the front page : /
User avatar #5 to #4 - SpankYouVeryMuch [OP]
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(03/24/2012) [-]
i understand that as well. i don know maybe im just a dreamer. but if we try who cares what the rest of the internet is doing? we can be our own thing, a new kinda site, a 4chan but not as vile but just as much fun, like i said. dreaming, it would be cool to have our own forum tho
#6 - anon id: 053e762a
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(03/24/2012) [-]
#2 - SpankYouVeryMuch [OP]
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