Facebook Status. GF left herself logged on. te he. Claire S aam contemplating fraping Claire with the term "I am busting out a thunder clumper" Any thoughts or  funny facebook status frape Rap
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Facebook Status

GF left herself logged on. te he

Claire S
aam contemplating fraping Claire with the term "I am busting out a thunder
Any thoughts or feedback from you would be greatly appreciated. aam
especially looking at you owe and kale .
Like ' Comment ' at 15: 02 '
Dan like it. Although perhaps it should reflect Claire' s
gentle temperate nature a little more. 'Sowing the seeds of sweet
porcelain destruction' might be a good place to start?
Thuesday at 15: 21 ' Like
Dan ?,,,e. lnt' . i, tts,' as the opener for a sort of MC style
we that' s sort of her thing. Idunno how that would
sound. Something like this, perhaps"?
Cm sowing the seeds of sweet porcelain destruction
Give me a light, Ilike external combustion
I' m immaterially licensed, Ineed no instruction
So everyone leave - let Gummo come bust one.
Tuesday at 15: 41 ' Like ' El 1
My bowels behaviour is somewhat autonomous
Suddenly feeling somewhat androgynous
Breaking the bowl with a brown hippopotamus
How do Ileane whilst remaining anonymous?
Thuesday at 16: 61 ' Like ' 1
Dan T Can' t stop it, it, csgutt and it
You clowns all bow down when and gusset
I' m a snowwoman silage machine
And, when I' m finished, you' ll need Mr Sheen.
Tuesday at 16: 09 ' Like ' 2
Claire -- Ithink my brown ink is the stink missing link
Turning to brown what used to be pink
Sending a friend from my end to the bend
A problem that only a plumber can mend
Tuesday at 16: 36 ' Like 15.": 2
in a crap battle, don' t step to me here
Slay down my flow in diarrhea
Can' t do it alone though, so here' s a big thanks
o my friend, Mr Armitage Shanks.
hire pooped now, I' m done, my fianl reflection,
Hit 9. 8 on the richter detection,
Ruined my bowl with demonic ejection,
Saving my soul with colonic redemption,
Tuesday at 16: 52 ' Like ' 2
you' re killing me here!
Tuesday at 16: 54 ' Like
I' m spent.
Tuesday at 12: 66 ' Like
any '- Ne never loved you more!
Thuesday at 12: 15 ' Like
Simon . This was beautiful.
Tuesday at 26: 26 ' Like
Patrick -lla. Good work guys
Tuesday at 23: 56 ' Like
Jenny _Weli played guys, well ******* played!
yesterday at 12: 58 ' Like
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#3 - YoDawgWeHeard (03/22/2012) [-]
Just not motivated.
Just not motivated.
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#1 - notagoodusername (03/22/2012) [-]
I like this... I like this a lot.
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