Yahoo Answers Compilation. Yahoo Answers fails, WTFs, and assorted funny moments.. Yahoo Answers Fails Compilation Question Bi I need help with mime names? Trav
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Yahoo Answers Compilation

Yahoo Answers fails, WTFs, and assorted funny moments.

Yahoo Answers Fails Compilation
Bi I need help with mime names?
Travis on making a anime story and i need a good name lure gin it is
a ell spell caster
and i need one (or my story i cant think on name (or it. only
at page 41 and close at being done with it w here is when
my story is about.
it is a woe between the wind angels they have to power alound
they hare wings there wings is there We so ifthey get cut
are dead and the the sore they can enchant weapons
with there he to make , stronger. and the shadow country. i
dent have a ht oi room so i cant say a lot these people are in
battle a man telles in love with is queen they cant be together
so he tells in love with a nether. they have 3 kids 2 bays 1 girl.
the We land has a tor a new king. the shadow lord
ask the the people to be Alie' s he says no well i (tout wont to
right a hole lot there is other magic in it and transforming in to
Your Answer:
You should use the name Soul Bukakke. its one ofmy favorite
names. and it seems to the character quite nicely
Jason Sources):
he used the surname in short stories, People always mention
how beautiful it i . A
i open Question Show me another ,
I live in butt dent see rusle no where not
Jessica E even sound but they says theres tanks should i be
I new on the news that were has inmost: on I mt as than: no when we going on
rawter this one on
it Interestings v gamer o Sm v
Answers (1 -30 )
You are in the state The notion or Georgia is on the other we at the world.
an hours we
Resolved Question wmm another n
I I am throwing up and I gained 5 little hit of weight?
Mandi ox so rain 19 amt keep no rm some reason Mant be pregnant incense mien
use ' Mastre_ dd It ma # rearrests
know (hall " see it again one day Named like We BONDS too Villa! is unusual lot me is
mete that can be with me?
l (math an
Resolved Question Show in another s
l If you die. what happens to your Myspace?
Nant like 'you on out your Myopia: not new tsee, one o Mend no " or one a
Rumours no u more
a neon. use
But Answer _ Chosen by who
deletes new You no when you die n time got: or in your burn one
my mounts you may one They are inserted i Me months one
ll brill! 'Evrytme has them
s mini no
Fa wires...
more Rating; tan:
swat I
Goall "3 month old suddenly sleeping all day is he Search “”
Web mam Results 1 s onabout 538, 000, 000 for 3
old also has days when s 9 Just 5 new a day ion is o I M my my
when out _ Cached . similar. it x
in the micro was when he seems cold in wintrry ...
Resolved Question Show me another s
i can your baby get pregnant it you have sex while
Trans pregnant?
like two are pregnant with a my gin. and you have sex one you an , can
the sperm w up m them and impregnate the baby?
2 mums no
out Answer - Chosen by Voters
The baby can get pregnant only if " a remote Wynn suspect that your baby is
pregnant, try not to have sex again You run the risk in getting your have baby
Hennessy pregnant and that can lend to like an babee loop.
Source( s)
new mom action 09
Resolved Question Snort me another '
B What is the and phrasing of the law of "Finders
Anyone Keepers"?
lam my court case next Monday and think this piece could
in crucial to "vase ks alrig use " give you the short and ;
I small that out In my outward.
3) He dorms it answers to the name Shadow.‘ but alter numerous tests, I Diagree
Tatt planning on Milly the test in malto woolie my
Anise ‘lime dog " his alone my in nine.
Keepers, no new mine
has awe indio small kids. so would bolero
all Mme Mg.
So as _ can see We gata here, ball HIV:
he and legal definition Keepers, mum has Been hard to In! My lawyers
Best ) nastier
Froms Keepers. Losers weavers" Irma: diesn' I wow mm. more
nan ..igiari... kiari.. nan. nah law. Md on but not least I mow you are out mat am I?
Fa Rectum
ck in for sure
than Question Show rm o
Why is my sperm so powerful?
Olaf We only been with my for alum 4 weeks, but the doctor says she is d
months pregnant. Why is my Spurn so patent?
to new use . A an on to Answer
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Submitted: 04/11/2010
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