Oh my.... www.vice.com/read/deep-inside-the-chain-pub-piss-dungeon. This IS 3 SHIN [rum WIPE Magazine: WE FOUND h PISS DUNEDIN IN h PUB By Ruben Nay, mes James  bitches dont know bout piss dungeons
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Oh my...

This IS 3 SHIN [rum WIPE Magazine:
By Ruben Nay, mes James meme
one er my best mates Southend IS the manager Ma chem pub In Central London
New weeks age. he' s standig behnd the bar when a guy curries upto mm rather concerned
Lsten mate, we ' gonna sound totally mane, but We Just gene for a ass m the annal and 1 swam
1 saw an eyeball ‘nanny up were the hole '
we sorry? my male Tamas
Youjust an eyeball, but we an eyebrow as well And the eye was Lookig around '
So the guy com/ mess mm Tannem have put ms new at ease
My Mend gets ms keys out to door, and as he beams dang so, a frame scum news beane the
As he attempts to push l open, the handle ' waged out ems hand and minds comes charging out ewe
mom, soaked head In ms:
He charges both my Mend and the customer [who are we shocked to react) out awe way, screamer, '1 ddns
do as he gees
Bythe wee they raga!!! them sense Preatty, the guy has made ms escape, assess the scene
er amen he' s Ten In ms wake
The plumbing Mme been carefully and put to one we, lawng a hole In the mummy
enough in! a head and shoulders to squeeze In Tissue paper had been lad on the exposed
pruner a contemptible head seemed to be a lengthy sesson pssed en By men secret
a pub be\ pretty much the bigest pub chem In Bream on, and dd 1 merman the snorkel?
The poms are called Forensic scource scene but no underpants can be faund copius
amounts on every songle surface
14 March 2012 Last updated 3109 an
Bear Grylls sacked by Discovery Channel
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You've made a total win here.
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defenetly a guy from 4chan....
defenetly a guy from 4chan....
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oh bear, how have you fallen...
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That's men for you. Crazy ****** needs a bullet to the head.
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The **** did I just read.
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