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User avatar #1213 - beanmaniac
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(03/16/2012) [-]
i use not to spell or grammar check on the internet but i never have so much mistakes in one sentence i mean come on how dumb can you be english isnt even my first language
User avatar #1238 to #1213 - sweetheartthewolf
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(03/16/2012) [-]
try being slovak
User avatar #1247 to #1238 - beanmaniac
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(03/16/2012) [-]
what do you mean?
do you mean that my sentence is built by Slavic grammar rules
im not slovak im a russian jew that lives in israel but i first spoke russian then hebrew and then english and i still dont make as much grammar mistakes as that dumbass
or am i just as bad?i never got too much criticism about my grammar got some but not too much
User avatar #1254 to #1247 - sweetheartthewolf
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(03/17/2012) [-]
no, i was meaning that any englsh speaker would say that your grammar suck. slovaks get it bad because our grammar is different