Truth behind Kony 2012. Yeah, bring on the red thumbs. I attended at least tons of REAL social manifastions and actions. COME AT ME, lazy chair-resting faggots!
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Truth behind Kony 2012

Yeah, bring on the red thumbs. I attended at least tons of REAL social manifastions and actions. COME AT ME, lazy chair-resting faggots!

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l, I Gentlemen,
k k k While we have been occupied with in the
I ctlu, y Middle East for over It decade.
4. f s' - China has been aggressively moving
t into Africa.
ais They aid in the development of lilrican
3; nations in each an w tor natural resource:
5"’ and military and civilian contracts.
We have to do something about this.
So how do we stop the Chinese expansion into Africa?
anybody have any proposals?
THE LIFE! Etty VIN? EMY,' allh "till 'orphan.' In Ella.
need to build large military base B. and have a
permanent military presence at strategic locations around the continent.
the does not simply invade Africa,
ttet ttl thta till‘ " years.
we just ended the ten in Iraq and we' re
gushing my to invade Fran.
is It on all time high.
We not possibly sell the idea oi
establishing military bases in
Africa to the world.
l? Besides Africa is no threat to America.
In how will we an the 'tsal'" to
55 support range some military operations
I in Africa?
I have on idea.
l There' s this guy in Liberia called General Butt Halted. he' s murdered
l over 20, 000 people mostly children, I also heard he likes eating the still
beating hearts oi toddlers.
Gt course. the we mous General Butt ". law a documentary
about him on ‘rice. But he has a really stupid name.
There are ht, tat murdering in
Artiest, Filth Whit With a thh “WIT ', ' " Mu Did.
2 How about Joseph loony hem Uganda‘?
i Hair not as bad as General Butt Melted oi Liberia
But his name just will ott the tongue
Hen, be our easy to market.
litany new we' ll start a viral campaign against Joseph litany.
II appeal to that world twill and not new or hipsters
my mailing a documentary. with an epic music
that sounds like tho Gladiator theme. with women crying and stuff
and post it on Hedda-
I Fleapit. that' s genius. it' ll go viral within a day?
2 million views in , day!
Even Champion linked to it, we' re viral-
whoa guys not so last! Since I sponsor the shit out of
your presidential campaigns, I want some promotion
for my stupid Facebookk Tingeling stuff!
y; we In
Lot at these people., Th ' re spamming this shitty movie
i around the net with their aphone, made by exploited
Asian children. Tell me more about how they’ always
cared about social activism! it
Yes, Yex That soundtrack is excellent. so emotional. levels Me the
part in Gladiator where Maximos finally reunites with his family.
This is going to be so good. Not only will the people will be BEGGING US
to intervene in strum. Hunters will actually you and go to Uganda
themselves to save the children.
stripe here we come...
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Submitted: 03/11/2012
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#1 - flabberghastly (03/11/2012) [-]
Well... That Butt-Naked guy "saw the light" and now works to save children from becoming child soldiers. Unless he changed his mind AGAIN since i read the article :P But i laughed, thumb to you

Well, i snickered anyway.
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