Changed For The Worst. . I remember the time when some people said that pop music was just stupid songs sung by pretty faces Please, come back with the pretty f
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#106 - HolyArachnid (03/12/2012) [+] (21 replies)
I think part of the issue here is, a lot of the pop music we (twenty-somethings) grew up on is the product of a much more innocent time. You heard sweet and earnest songs that celebrated the virtues of friendship and love; you heard songs that dealt honestly with the issues we faced as teenagers; you heard energetic songs that genuinely made you want to get up and dance and enjoy yourself. Nowadays it seems like all pop music cares about is rough sex and booze and smart-assed double entendres and being "edgy" - even among the Justin Bieber/Miley Cyrus school of way-too-cutesy bubblegum pop, which couldn't pull it off in a million years. And the worst part is, people get LUDICROUSLY pretentious about it - like it's not fun fluff music to be laughed about, it's some kind of grand lifestyle philosophy to fight to the death over.

And in a lot of ways, we've only got technology to blame for it. First of all, the easier it gets to make music and/or become famous, the less effort people are willing to put into it. Second of all, the ability to have your words read by the whole world has led people to believe that just because they have an opinion, they deserve their ass kissed for it - whether it's well-expressed or well-thought-out in the slightest. Third (and perhaps most importantly) of all, the overall downplaying of real human contact has made the world colder than it's ever been, especially for kids who have grown up with it as the norm. The world of a teenager isn't the weird and pitfall-loaded yet empathetic place it was for people my age; it's pretty much an anything-goes *********** .

TL;DR - it's not so much the musicians that are getting uglier, it's the ideals behind them. Also, I am a demented ranting bastard :P
#2 - fabrad ONLINE (03/11/2012) [+] (45 replies)
#302 - darthblam (03/12/2012) [+] (2 replies)
Since when did Klingons become pop singers?
#65 - ZenMacros (03/12/2012) [+] (7 replies)
I don't think Lady Gaga deserves as much **** as people give her, when it comes to her music. If you listen to her voice and check out stuff from before she became a huge star, you can see that she is actually pretty damn talented. I kinda liked her songs up until "Born This Way"(everything after that if meh for me). They're not great, but I don't think they're as bad as people say they are. Not that you're not entitled to your opinion, you definitely are, but I just think people exaggerate.

One thing I do understand though, is the hate for all of her crazy outfits. It wouldn't be so bad if she did it once or twice, but having it as a gimmick and doing it almost everywhere you go is just being an attention whore, and gets old pretty quickly.

Also, I don't think she's that bad looking. Not sure what, but something about her makes me find her to be pretty sexy, even if I do look at a bad picture of her.
#282 - rtchris (03/12/2012) [+] (3 replies)
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User avatar #28 - smurflicious (03/12/2012) [+] (9 replies)
Many can't see it, but Lady Gaga actually has some depth to her songs. People are just to busy judging her to pay attention to her music and what it really means. It's kind of sad actually. People talk about how accepting they are of gay's and other races and everyone, but Lady Gaga dresses differently and shows up to an award show in an egg and suddenly she's a freak. She's no different than anyone else really.
User avatar #29 to #28 - scoggand (03/12/2012) [-]
she wears ******* meat, raw ******* meat, your argument is invalid
#98 - I Am Monkey (03/12/2012) [+] (2 replies)
My reaction when I see/hear Niki Minaj.
#85 - ThePleterne (03/12/2012) [-]
Let's not forget every single generic half-black R&B singer. Jesus Christ they get on my nerves.
#188 - judoman (03/12/2012) [+] (5 replies)
Wait, no LMFAO is hilarious and they don't try to be pretty. They're sexy and they know it XD
#64 - fundai (03/12/2012) [+] (1 reply)
Or you may simply acquire a taste for... FREE FORM JAZZ!
#210 - ishouldgoplayzelda **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [+] (1 reply)
#221 to #210 - chalex (03/12/2012) [-]
Two things wrong with your post.

1. Calling pop artists attractive on funnyjunk.
2. "Hurr Durr I'm a girl"

Pic unrelated.

#105 - ivoryhammer (03/12/2012) [+] (1 reply)
Miley Cyrus is pretty hot.
Miley Cyrus is pretty hot.
#281 - wyvrn (03/12/2012) [-]
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#190 - nohate (03/12/2012) [+] (6 replies)
Lady kinda pretty...with A LOT of makeup. Nicki, shes okay too. I agree about LMFAO, they...suck. Ke$ha is hot lol. Katy...has nice tits but shes kinda ugly.
#203 to #190 - thecharliesheen (03/12/2012) [-]
Nicki is FAR from "okay".

In my opinion, she's one of the ugliest women on this planet, not only because she truly is UGLY as **** naturally (that means minus the hundreds of wigs she wears, ALL the silicone in her body, and the ridiculous fake eyelashes she wears), but because she's so full of herself that she can barely walk. She thinks she's the finest "baddest" (whatever that means) chick on the planet, when she's just a straight whore.

No respectable woman refers to herself as a "bad bitch".
#185 - itzhypnotize (03/12/2012) [+] (3 replies)
Christina Aguilera is NOT a pretty face or any kind of pretty for that matter.
#189 to #185 - HolyArachnid (03/12/2012) [-]
<----- You pretty much set yourself up for this joke ;)

And whatever you might say about Christina Aguilera, it's pretty hard to deny she's got one hell of a voice when she's trying.
#149 - nonosquare (03/12/2012) [+] (8 replies)
actually, Lady Gaga is very pretty when she wants to be
#68 - Thepotatofromhell (03/12/2012) [+] (9 replies)
I think Manaj as pretty. I'd hit.
#90 to #80 - kingbulbasaur (03/12/2012) [-]
>implying Nicki Minaj is a musician.
User avatar #97 - IamEllis (03/12/2012) [+] (3 replies)
what lady gaga calls individuality, I call mental instability
User avatar #8 - krazy_kid286 (03/11/2012) [-]
Is it just me or,
The longer you stare at the Nicki Minaj image. the funnier it gets
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