Kony has taken over my news feed. Just a status and comment progression I saw, and thought was FJ worthy. Thanks to Sooty, and to anyone who leaves feedback, go Kony facebook status jokes dark humor
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Kony has taken over my news feed

Just a status and comment progression I saw, and thought was FJ worthy. Thanks to Sooty, and to anyone who leaves feedback, good or bad. Sorry for the White space. Just thought I'd share in case anyone else got a laugh.

Emag ) ittle of the Top oddie page....
Nutmeg was in as an it
ftper guess.
28 minutes ago it
llieno 2012 - Unable to capture him yet are able to take a
perfect photo of him
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In - How is the ultimate pokemon trainer. He
L catches them all and training them is his cause :i
27 minutes ago . Like
like my coffee how Kony likes his
soldiers. small, black and strong. :L
26 minutes ago . Like
In ‘I christened my penis tinny. Not because
L it' s big and black, but because it has scarred
thousands of children
25 minutes ago . Like
Joseph Kony - putting infant back
into Infantry
24 minutes ago . Like
I In 'lame,,"''' Kony abducts Berber, i' m switching
a cances
24 minutes ago . Like
at have Joseph Kony and Kate
Mccann got in common? They were both made famous my
invisible children
23 minutes ago . Like
r. -1 ‘you posting bout tinny. I feel bad for you
L aiti
He snatched 99 kids and " status save none
22 minutes ago . Like
wish Kony brused stick to the
children and stop raping my Facebook newsfeed.,
22 minutes ago . Like
In -joeseph May has taken thousands of
children away from their homes in Africa
Madonna and Angelina Jolie are outraged and saying they
had lint dibs
21 minutes ago . Like
Made my night a hole lot better..
tits 21 minutes ago . Like - , l
21 minutes ago . Like
t' ieet Kony may have an army of
300, 000 s... But We still got Maddie
21 minutes ago . Like
r. In ‘. ony_ Cokes are a int like his army...
LC Dark, sick and never get old
20 minutes ago . Like
i ‘eds face it: ifa. noire had put those
children in a dark room, they would have become invisible
19 minutes ago . Like
1 I' m all for finding and arresting Skarry
L i( iti
I can t wait to see what Maddie looks like after all these
18 minutes ago . Like
sh, o: o,,, e, entas' t': so sick of everyone going on
a out tinny. Egen t e staff at my loaf Sushi bar wouldnt
shut up about it. Although I did learn that 'Chiwa' is
Japanese for '2012'.
18 minutes ago . Like
r. In - You think Kinny treats his black kids badly?
Kat should see how Sony treats their yellow ones
17 minutes ago . Like
h/ fie Shane
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