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A group of international ******** called "Invisible Children" decided they had a boner for a man named Joseph Kony, and criminal known internationally for starting the "Lords Resistance Army", a group of theological child soldiers. Joseph Kony has been inactive in Uganda for nearly six years, and has had evaded capture numerous times, and is now in hiding. A few nights ago Invisible Children decided to start a viral campaign in which they paint Joseph Kony as a "worse than Hitler" character, ignore the fact that he has been in hiding for 6 years, and convince everyone that spreading the word about their video will help the children in Uganda. What they also don't mention is that every video hit that IC gets is more money directly in their pockets (very little money actually goes to help the kids) and the money they dont keep goes to fund a terrorist group called the People's liberation Army, which is a group of Ugandan soldiers that Invisible Children wants to use to pwn the LRA and all their cheap **** kid soldiers.

Bottom line, yes, Joseph Kony is a bad man, but Invisible Children is a pretty corrupt group of dudes and all this "activist" stuff is only hurting the children in Uganda.