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#1 - merfmerf
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(03/08/2012) [-]
Oh my god! Hahahaha, you deserve frontpage!
#3 to #1 - fuckinballs [OP]
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(03/08/2012) [-]
thank you i actually feel really ******* bad for making this but hey its the internet. I am gonna buy some posters and put them up though so i guys that makes me okay
#38 to #3 - anon
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(03/09/2012) [-]
you should feel bad you ******* idiot.

i am honestly sitting here thinking this guy is a malicious ******* asshole.

whichever teacher or person of authority that ever told you you're a good boy.. if they saw this they would shake their head in shame.
#81 to #38 - fuckinballs [OP]
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(03/09/2012) [-]
okay anon you can look at this post in two ways
you can look at it like the awful way everyone is thinking OR you could look at it like this
The only racism in this is the word "apes" how do you not know i was saying that he is acting so awfully that it is similar to the barbaric way that the apes in planet of the apes act
think outside the box alright i didn't see much harm or racism in this
#88 to #81 - fuckinballs [OP]
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(03/09/2012) [-]
And also you guys probably make hitler, 911, rape, pedofile jokes and you get made about this hardly offence post if you see a reason for this to be offence please tell
#89 to #88 - fuckinballs [OP]
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(03/09/2012) [-]