Kony 2012. funnyjunk.com/youtube/3422647/Kony+2012/ <--- the video, please watch. Before any of you guys make the "Watch out Kony 2012 posts are coming& Kony
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Kony 2012

funnyjunk.com/youtube/3422647/Kony+2012/ <--- the video, please watch.
Before any of you guys make the "Watch out Kony 2012 posts are coming" just remember that's it's not us who has to watch out, it's those children in Africa who are being forced to murder their parents, become soldiers and being sold for sex. I understand the joke, but you must also understand the cause.

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Hi guys, so I wanna talk to yen about
something serious...
Before yen ...
Let me explain...
iii ‘.‘ Let me introduce...
if. 3 "tlel For these whe don' t already
ti,. -, . i‘ like a perfectly normal guy...
Yeu' re wrong.
This man is sick and twister}. Ketty is one of the wars:
veer criminals in the world in charge ofthe Ugandan
military grew}, Lords Resistance Army.
And why haven' t you hear frem him up until
He' s known for being
Well that' s where Keny 2012
comes in handly...
Keny 2012 is a campaign set up by Invisible
Children to raise awareness, help the cause and
eventually get this monster arrested.
Atall. e ". . Right new we are aiming to keep
if" i '. the US advisers in Uganda
h ... they can finally flnt Keny and
i' put an end to his crimes. But
l _.. with less publicity up to lately
H. 't, "".. the government has doubted
r. .s) keeping them there. Now it is
ear turn to help change the
What we, as a community, can do right new
is raise awareness'. Post it on F acebook, Tweet
it, Just Share hi!
You now have the oppotunity to
save thousands of people within
your hand...
Please watch the
video in the
description pasted
by a fellow
Funny) anker and
join the campaign
to step Keny and
save lives.
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Submitted: 03/07/2012
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#1 - togay (03/07/2012) [-]
he doesnt look normal to me
#5 - desodomizer (03/07/2012) [-]
Sex slaves you say how would one hypothetically acquire one of these?
#4 - anonymous (03/07/2012) [-]
Hey, lets just do the world a big favor, destroy the US goverment.
#2 - Saeka (03/07/2012) [-]
I've seen the video and I appreciate your explanation. Really hope your content doesn't get any TL;DR's. Funny junk has an abundance of young people who complain about being taken advantage of, being unloved or just about the *************** of their worlds. This is our chance to do something about this ****** up world. We got riled about SOPA and ACTA because our rights were being infringed upon. But are we capable of caring about the rights of others?
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