FJ Walking Dead Part 2. PART 1 - /funny_pictures/3416235/FJ+Walking+Dead+Part+1/ Thank you. And I know I made a couple spelling errors. Ignore em.. Hello, . Ica FJ Walking dead fj walking dead zombies walkers
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FJ Walking Dead Part 2

FJ Walking Dead Part 2. PART 1 - /funny_pictures/3416235/FJ+Walking+Dead+Part+1/ Thank you. And I know I made a couple spelling errors. Ignore em.. Hello, . Ica

PART 1 - /funny_pictures/3416235/FJ+Walking+Dead+Part+1/
Thank you.
And I know I made a couple spelling errors. Ignore em.

Hello, . Icanthepowerr here with Part 2 of Walking Dead.
If you haven' t played part 1, please check the description and
you can play and come back to part two.
At the end of part 1, you had to choose between going to the
school, staying at the house, or going to your uncles cabin in
the woods.
If you picked staying at the house, you die.
If you picked going to your uncles cabin, you live.
Half the group has decided to go to the school to see if there
is anything they can get from the lunch room, and there other
half wants to go to your uncles cabin. You decide to stop at
the school on the way to your cabin. At the school, it is terrible
outside. You can see kids being attacked as they step off the
bus. You park at the back of the parking space, go to the
closest classroom window, break the window, and climb in.
You' re sneaking through the hallways when you look at the
lobby to see that the hall monitors have locked the doors. You
manage to sneak past them, go to the lunch room, get a
bunch of food, and sneak back out. You' re lucky. You then get
to your uncles cabin. Upon entering, you see someone
though. He' s not a walker, fortunately.
Upon closer look, you see the chubby features, squinty eyes,
and hungry look. It' s none other than . Extremely
surprised, you guys chat. Admin explains the situation and
how he came across the cabin and went inside. He said he had
been there for a couple hours and hasn' t seen a single walker,
so you guys know you made the right choice. A few days pass
and you start to realize that food is getting low. You' re all out
of flamin hot cheetos and mountain dew. Alls you have left is
skittles and lemon iced tea. You decide you need to leave to
get more food. Sort of like being the 'Riek' of the group, you
decide you should go and take Seanessy, the minority with
you, to help you find your way. Now, you should pick where
you go.
I Shiv
Mcdonalds drive
Alarm through
You choose to go Whythe fuck would
walking dead style you choose to go to
and find a farm. mcdonalds? You get
Doesn' t take long to there and as you roll
find one, but down the window a
Seanessy gets walker comes out
distracted by a deer, from behind the
walks up to it, and as menu and bites you
you go to pull him arm. Panicing, you
away, he gots shot. drive away as fast as
The bullet went you can, not
through the deer. He watching where
falls back on you, you' re going though,
making you fall back you crash into the
and snap your neck gas station next
on the log behind door. Big boom. You
you. You die. die. So does
Lolnoob. Seanessy.
You come back from the Grocery Store with everything you
need and more, only to find out that Obscurity was playing in
the woods and got eaten by a walker. Admin, holler, and
Sunset are glad to see you. You go back inside and explain the
story, and that if you need to go for supplies, theres a small
town with few walkers. As you' re ending the story, a walker
crashes through the window and lands right on holler. You
manage to shoot it before holler can be bitten, but you realize
that even the serene woods isn' t a good enough place to stay.
You must choose another place. Where the fuck do you want
Jail because of the The mountains a
walls? couple hours
Pick one - your answer will be
revealed in part 3.
Sorry for not making this longer than part 1. I had planned on
it, but I didn' t have enough time and wanted to upload it before
I went to school)
In the mean time, if you want, please thumb, favorite,
subscribe, and toss me a friend request. Thank you!
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