Facebook Kony Butthurt. Lots of butthurt OC by me. can people calm their nuts with the KONY ? what about the BILLIONS of starving people in the world? What abou
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Facebook Kony Butthurt

Lots of butthurt

OC by me

can people calm their nuts with the KONY ******** ? what about the BILLIONS of starving people in the
world? What about the natural disasters? What about child prostitutes? Imay not be moral, but at least i' m
Like ‘Comment ' Post . 58 minutes ago near Ill-' '! a: Park
and 2 others like this,
I Travis -' all For seeing tyrants get their asses
handed to them but Fla this is worse uproar From a bunch of usually
unaware sheeple than when SOFA was an issue .2: -g: -.
57 minutes ago . Unlike . nib I
I Travis - and no sheeple was not a typo. a ton of
these people surrounding us are like mindless ,
blind, totally civilly unaware, sheep
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38 minutes ago . Unlike . nib 3
Comte way to capitalize Billions, just shows how off base
you are, ere are only 7 billion humans on the planet. And child
prostitutes is inclusive in KANY -[watdo the video), And natural
disasters an hardly be stopped, but a man and his army an and
before anyone asks, I am mad, bro,
7 minutes ago . Like . nib 1
has and i quote han estimated 925 million people
went hungry in 2010' hungry being defined as The want or scarr: ity
of Food in a county‘ do you understand that there are millions of
people dying in Africa without guerrilla warfare? when was the last
time you supported anything about the starving children in your own
community? ever go to Harvesters and help out? ever go to a soup
kitchen and volunteer? No, you haven' t because you are another
Feel good christian who thinks that posting a video about some
radicalized militiamen will be your good deed For the day, Take your
butthurt somewhere illogical and backwards where it belongs
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Submitted: 03/07/2012
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#1 - KillersGrace (03/07/2012) [+] (2 replies)
You know what if he has a army of kids... why doesnt the kids just shoot the ****** and end it....
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