just a normal game review. who says 4chan can be the only crazy one? Definitely worth the entire read.. Eil Read User Reviews and Submit your o... I ',' nopenop just a normal game review who says 4chan can be the only crazy one? Definitely worth entire read Eil Read User Reviews and Submit your o I ' nopenop
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just a normal game review

just a normal game review. who says 4chan can be the only crazy one? Definitely worth the entire read.. Eil Read User Reviews and Submit your o... I ',' nopenop

who says 4chan can be the only crazy one?
* Definitely worth the entire read.

Eil Read User Reviews and Submit your o... I ','
I went out to buy this game on release day, at midnight. I headed to my local gamestop, armed
with my trusty family size bag of Sour Cream and Union Lays and Super Big GULF ofyou nthin
Dew. There was a short line Mile waiting at Gamester I was tth. I popped open my bag of
chips and grabbed a fist: fua, getting crumbs on the ground and slurping my dew. The guy
infront of me, some fattass dressed as Thane, asked ifhe could have some. I told him it wouldn' t
help his cancer and he frowned at me. And then, this girl and her friends, got in line behind
me. I took a look at her ass. That fine, ass. Assert droplet dripped from my
forehead. I don' t do well with women, you see. I shoveled chips down my mouth in order to calm
the urge to say something, because it wouldn' t end well. I used my Big GULF to wet my
cottonmouth. Just don' t talk to her and she won' t know. Then it happened. She asked me Kr had
a pen, because she wanted to draw something for a friend. More sweat. I reached in to my
pocket, grasping at the contents, my greasy, sour cream and onion hands finally grasping my
favorite DRAGON AGE pen. She looked at it when I handed it to her, and said, 'oh you like
Dragon Age? It' s one of my favorites!' I opened my mouth, feeling the anxiety, and closed it
without saying any thing. I must' been turning pale at this point, because the pressure was
building and I didn' t have a release valve handy. 'Yeyes, Invloved DA.’ She smiled. Oh god. That
beautiful angel smiled. And that was the end. I couldn' t contain it any more. Agirl had smiled
at me. For the first time in 4 years, a female other than my mother had smiled at me. My
shriveled phimosis pecker from masturbating to Tali suddenly sprang tn life, raging out of my
sweatpants like a primeval animal. My head went back, and I unleashed a
guttural, inhuman sound as a rumble came from within. My foreskin ballooned up, and the
girl turned around, looked at it, and looked at me with pure terror in her eyes. But it was too
late. The die had been cast. Ahoge torrent basemen gushed out, as if the Hoover Dam had
suddenly been blown wide open. The wheels were in motion. The front of the wave smashed into
her like a fist, knocking her back into her friends and them into a wall. And I couldn' t stop. I
wasn' t going to stop. The river would flow. Plastered against a wall, I could barely make out
their outlines... until my footing started to give away. For each action, there is a reaction.
When a gun is fired, it recoils. I yelled for help. The fatty Thane turned around slowly, taking
out his earphones. It was too late. I lost traction. My bulk smashed into him. And the others
behind him. The propulsion of my semen was too much. I had left a sizeable lake in the outdoor
mall, and now, I was being lifted feet and in to the air, smashing into the poor people
behind me one by one, knocking them out of the way as they yelled and cursed. My mass
hurtled towards the store, propelled by the orgasm. The door to Gamestop was no match for me.
It shattered when my ass rammed it. Cum sprayed every where in the store, all over the demos,
the consoles, and all of the games. I bounced around in the store like a pinball, unable to control
my tirade. And then it happened. My stomach started rumbling. I shouldn' t have had those 24
tacos... and then the gnd gate was open. Hot, molten liquid brown started flooding out from
between my cheeks, coating the store in brow n. I was covered in my own crap and cum. The
force was too much. I hit the ceiling hard on a bounce, and the ceiling gave way as I went into
the sky, a spiral and feces raining down below me, coating cars, trees, pets, houses,
you name it. I must' gone a good mace feet up in to the air. The horrendous flow just wasn' t
stopping. I grabbed my shaft, trying to stem the flow, but I ended up directing it into the air,
forcing my trajectory to change towards the ground. I was in tears. Why was this happening to
me? I looked down, and realized I was heading towards the local orphanage. I closed my eyes
and prayed. I prayed for it to he over. Bat it wasn' t. The walls of the orphanage were no match
for my mass. Room by room I riled by, spraying each with my internal brown and white.
They gave way easily as I hit the ground, hard. I must' made a small crater. At least I had
stopped moving. Bat the orphan age was already in shambles, the children covered in my
would've children and waste. Look what you did How are. You ruined an orphanage. Also the
game sucks, I grabbed it in Gamestop while pencilling and played it after I got home when the
urges subsided, and the opening menu sucks. Do not hay. Collapse =
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i scrolled it and saw masterbation and i dont want to read it anymore...
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>Read it
>Began Comment
>Typing Comment
>Witty Comment
>Unrelated End
>TL;DR: Cool Story Bro
>Continue working in an office surrounded by idiots