Story. Since everyone seems to be into story's as of late I thought I'd contribute. Yes, I did write this I am going to finish it regardless of how many thumbs  horror story trials and what Not
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Since everyone seems to be into story's as of late I thought I'd contribute. Yes, I did write this I am going to finish it regardless of how many thumbs it gets but if people don't like it I wont post the rest. Any how, it gets better as it goes this is just the intro. Enjoy! Also, if you wanna give me ideas on what to name it that would be great! <br />
tl;dr, Why did you even click on it? o.O'

Many doors... and rooms for all who come." The ghostly feminine voice cooed, sending
involuntary shivers down the teenagers spines as they stood in the lavishly decorated
room. C) nly seconds before the door leading to the outside from witch the teens entered
through had slammed shut and locked, much to their dismay. "What kind of sick joke is
this?!" Marty demanded, balling his fists and glancing anxiously around the room for the
source ofthe soft female voice. A soft chuckle could be heard as the voice seemed to be
mocking him. "This is no joke, but a trial. You entered into my domain and now must pay
the toll to leave." "Way to go Marty. . . it was your idea to come in here in the first place."
Luke grumbled, crossing his arms and making an attempt to mask his growing fear from
the rest ofthe group. "Guys calm down and lets think rationally for a sec. . . a house is
talking to us. . . there' s just no way this is real." The last teen and only female in the
group, Dian, spoke out. Again the voice chuckled in its eerie mocking hum that was
more ofa hollow echo than an actual voice. "f assure you everything behind the doors is
as real as you and I. Now, let me explain the rules. Behind each door is a different trial.
Cance you enter into it there' s no leaving until the trial is complete, at which point the
door will open and you are free to go. The trial only starts once you enter the room and
close the door, and the only way out is to finish it unless, of course, you find the key to
room and leave early, but then said trial will be null and void for you must complete two
each to leave my home." "What makes you think we' ll do what you say?" Marty asked,
a smug smile appearing across is face when he thought he had outsmarted the voice, but it
quickly faded when he heard her mocking chuckle once more. "ff you do not take the
trial, you will most certainly perish here." A wave of unease swept over the teens at that
thought and they shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other. "So, do we have a
deal?" The voice asked. They glanced around at one another, then finally nodded to
Marty who spoke up. "Yes, we' ll play your game." "Then pick a room, any room, and
let the trials begin."
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Submitted: 04/10/2010
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User avatar #1 - Aro (04/10/2010) [+] (4 replies)
Pretty good writng. Not pro, but you could write real stories. No offense I hope. And will this be continued?
User avatar #3 to #2 - Aro (04/10/2010) [-]
'Kay. Tell me when they're up please. I'm very interested.
#8 - whitie (12/12/2013) [-]
User avatar #7 - Sasorithepuppet (07/10/2010) [-]
Call It
"The Ghastly Trials
#6 - anonymous (04/11/2010) [-]
Good writing, good descriptions. Some sentences should be rephrased and checked for grammar, but it's pretty good. Get the third one up :)
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