worth the read. Is true - just don't shoot the messenger. my Swab. we mi you minor. Tm dohc om. soy. I not _ using In its Saturday town» . youdo like to go out  worth the read Is true - just don't shoot messenger my Swab we mi you minor Tm dohc om soy I not _ using In its Saturday town» youdo like to go out
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worth the read

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worth the read. Is true - just don't shoot the messenger. my Swab. we mi you minor. Tm dohc om. soy. I not _ using In its Saturday town» . youdo like to go out

Is true - just don't shoot the messenger

my Swab. we mi you minor.
Tm dohc om. soy. I not _
using In its Saturday town» .
youdo like to go out Ind an a
mm/ In at something?"
Tm, tony. teem terrorism Mu end my talent
we are out tbr Alum.‘ l
Youand?' wept You ?
who out e law days In new e rally mm any to
menu. looking lonely. I was kind at min. too, so I
W manhua-
yeah. I puss.-
arott, ,
Vault. than light. You always wore. Back then. and to this very day. you
were there for he Army: at your , may to provide a virtual hug and
e virtual smile with your hwy B grads English. You sit watch and wettest
appereantly tum these countless meow guys on myself. all the WWY
meeting his to turn atom one the last guy and say 'Jnhn, its you I some
have fallen in on storm Alter which, we get together um I Mid your
hem through all retina movie theaters no sunny meshes Ind / an that
you never who experience like the rest of its at fourteen was wage.
because you " have the gumption to do mm what you aren' t have the
to do than. You' re dull, John. Ynu' re boring d yabets baring
treatise while mesa shitting: were getting outside no into the sun, making
mistakes and the wonders mouth. you were in your room.
learning smut every facet RPG, pretending to understate
arguments anoint religion an poms to appear smart and creating dreadful,
amount hawks" poetry, trying to convince yourself that mew is
better than mun. it ism. John. and the only reason I would no outwith
who spent so much time teaming about ancient mam that don‘!
matter anymore is if they were chasm. or they were greet in
on things than suspect you knew nothing sooth. than guys know that we
ails new emolument, variation. Cuddles. arguments and rattliest waste
along tor the rest afoul with some submissive coward taing us that
were great, because having to listen to the seine sappy sweet talk my Ind
overeaten is boring. I like it when I Mt with my boyfriends. it some thatcher
arent statute voice their we opinions about me, unlike a we who tells me
I' m interesting and cuts when he really thinks I' m neurotic and not intelligent
enough to pick up on his we intention behaving sex with me when he wants
and then trying to have one with the to maintain
the mt' t' ous image he has of his sensitive. caring side, Girls went to mm
because they are savage and . and in many cases this
means that they are impulsive. " oi energy Ind strong, as opposed to pale
skinned, , "" than who, when push comes to shove.
wouldnt know excitement " hit them in the Vacs. m go so tar as to my that
your - or lock - amour male ingnots will stem population growth, as
more and mom shy guys Wm become intelligent by straying it wide mum in
that is manly supplied and accepted by previous seem
inadequates, instead their primal "Kinds oi becoming grown men.
impregnating mm and thus to the Mitts human
rope. I' m sorry in consider the more moor species to he more important than
your pathetic lust tor it pure. virgin, out quite hum, the only who
that war says to me is that you are may to armbar unite. my and
misunderstand. when in reality, your reluctance In take some central over your
the and your tendency and feign depression when Wm's dant go
your my mikes the think mm " nothing more Man e
cowardly prick."
Good luck finding
your next boyfriend...
with no EYES
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#3 - sevenfoldftw
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(03/03/2012) [-]
seriously could not agree with this more. Unfortunately, being good at things, being good looking and being a guy is all part of it. thumbs for you, sir.
#4 - uberrr
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(03/03/2012) [-]
Well it kind of is true..for this type of woman.

If you´re a shy nerdy guy, look for a shy nerdy girl..dont expect a party queen to share your hobbies
#7 - anon id: 6f4fd0b6
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(03/03/2012) [-]
Sarah, i love you, but i don't understand why you keep dating douchebags

you're too shy John, get out and play more, i like excitetment

BOOM that whole ******** passage summed up in two sentences
#6 - eiaisqzbsesb
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(03/03/2012) [-]
User avatar #8 - biggoodwolf
Reply -1 123456789123345869
(03/09/2012) [-]
Thats how much that basement worm really loved her. The "sensitive" little posers are actually the most brutal and selfish of all. Birkenstock wearing trendy male feminists are the cruelest temper tantrum throwingest little monkeys I have ever known.

Girls love tough manly non-politically-correct hands on experienced rough guys like myself. Guys that can protect their eyes from punky little psychos. Try being real men boys.

Ahh yeah, its good to be king.
User avatar #2 - hurleyy
Reply -2 123456789123345869
(03/03/2012) [-]
not worth the read at all....