Georgia Myths. I am trying to finish all the state myths, i will keep making more, and i have done a whole lot, so subscribe to see them as they come out, but g whomadewho myths
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Georgia Myths

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Georgia Myths. I am trying to finish all the state myths, i will keep making more, and i have done a whole lot, so subscribe to see them as they come out, but g

I am trying to finish all the state myths, i will keep making more, and i have done a whole lot, so subscribe to see them as they come out, but go to its awesome.
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Georgia Myths
In the cemetery at Bainbridge, Gorgia people have seen a ball of fire
hovering over the cemetery, and then in the next few days a new grave
will need to be dug. People have also seen a large ghostly black dog with
a howl that doesn' t leave any tracks.
Speeding Ticket Frenzy
Georgia state troopers are going to launch this year a 'speeding ticket
frenzy' in and around Atlanta, Georgia during which citations will be
issued at the rate of one every 10 to 20 minutes to increase state
Inn/ Hospital
Hotel built around 1830' s in Stone Mountain, Ga was used as a hospital
during the civil war. Many audible haunting including black man
singing, whistling, morse code, and footsteps have been reported. Doors
slam open, and glimpses of shadows moving out of the corners of your
eye. The haunting seems to come and go over the years. There is long
history of paranormal events.
One of the largest rivers in Georgia has a resident that looks strikingly a
lot Loch like our underwater ally Nessie. Apparently sightings of this
monster happen very frequently, and has been a attraction for many
years. Even native Americans have told stories about a giant serpent
that lives in the river.
Light House
Every full moon by the old fort light house in Tybee, Ga, you can hear
the sounds of fighting and cries of death as the ocean waters turn the
color of blood red. The fort is across the road from the lighthouse, which
is said to be haunted by a former keeper.
The Arch
At the University of Georgia there is a historic arch standing over those
who enter campus from downtown. There is a rumor that all
underclassmen who walk under the arch will never graduate, and
become sterile. (Kind of adding insult to injury.)
Red Eyes
People of Gainesville, Ga call it "Red Eyes" but a lot of people who has
been down to Old Stagecoach rd after midnight see a body,
slightly glowing... she will be at the woods line her back facing you... then
she will turn around and have big brightly glowing red eyes. There is
also and old rundown house on that same road that is said to be
haunted. there is no power connected to the house and many people
have seen lights in the windows.
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I love these myths.
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The sea monster is called Altamaha-ha, Darien is simply the town in which most sightings have been
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and hes gunna need about tree fiddy
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can you do Pennsylvania please. have metaloo in return. if you make a Pennsylvania one ill pay you in pictures of ponies.
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I'm from Georgia!
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hey could you do another arizona myth because the last one did not make me want to leave arizona forever
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All right guys
his the plan

The group will go like this

Scrub scrub scrub scrub scrub scrub scrub me scrub scrub scrub scrub scrub scrub
that way if someone starts to die infrount of us i can call for reinforcements...
and run away
if its behind us i can shout at the frount to help
while i run the **** away
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Darien will need about 1.25
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Tons of buildings in Georgia are considered haunted, Savannah is considered one of the most haunted cities in America. Most of the hauntings are thought to be civil war related.