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#8 - paradoxmoa (02/29/2012) [-]
Holy **** it's OC.

This needs front page.
User avatar #387 to #8 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (02/29/2012) [-]
It may be OC. But it's also thumbwhoring.
#1334 to #387 - Simbacyde (03/01/2012) [-]
Yes, whoring yourself... but not asking for any payment... you need some experience from this lady.
User avatar #1354 to #1334 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (03/01/2012) [-]
Saying something like "Skip if you want to miss the panty raid" falls into the sub-category of thumb whoring of "Don't skip unless your fag"

Example A: "Skip if you like justin bieber" That ******* post got thousands of thumbs.
Example B: "Skip if you like cock in your mouth" Seriously.

This **** pisses me off more than people asking for thumbs every post.
User avatar #14 to #8 - dmgisyourgodisback (02/29/2012) [-]
Thank You Kind Person :D
#40 to #14 - izziul has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #964 to #583 - avyon (02/29/2012) [-]
what did he say. O.o
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