Bored on omegle 3. one and two here /funny_pictures/3331222/Bored+on+omegle+2/ /funny_pictures/2985846/Bored/. Question to discuss: All of the sudden, out of fu fewnjklfghuewkcl
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Bored on omegle 3

Question to discuss:
All of the sudden, out of fucking noche re.....
You: dildo
Stranger: hi
You: flying at your hoe
You: it hits your eye and gets lodged in your eye socket
Stranger: really
You: its gushing blood, you don‘ t know what to do
You: the magic dildo begins to spin
You: drilling into your brain
You: your foaming at the mouth, on the floor having spasms
You: the magic dildo manages to drill through your entire head
You: after so, ittems around, and heads for your anus
You: ata speed and wrath unknown to mankind, it penetrates your anus
Stranger: u a author
You: you are by this time dead, so it is technically raping your dead body
You: whythankyou
You: the magic dildo is not done there, it has much more in store
You: once lodged in your butt, it begins to spin and a helicopter like fashion
You: it is hovering your dead body in the air
You: the magic dildo makes a trajectory for the nearest mean
You: final shot is dead body being carried by spinning magic dildo oft into the sunset over the wate
You: water‘
You: -afin
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