Facebook (4). Me arguing 3 idiots. OC. Chelsea L Act your age not your shoe size. you thinks everything is a joke but , really it isnt. hunny your in tth grade  facebook OC Streetlight mani so is ska
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Chelsea L
Act your age not your shoe size. you thinks everything is a joke but , really it isnt. hunny your in tth grade
grow up & act mature. & not act like a little whore who thinks she can get every single guy in the world
when you can' t the only reason people try getting w/ you is because your easy to get. Bayou shouldnt wear
the S A M E clothes everyday, change it up a little world you? & do us all a favor &just stop acting like your
the shit. [m just speaking the truth & everyone else thinks it to. an already said it to you. so don' t say i
didn' t! oh & man up to say it to people faces & not over a computer screen. Right Gina j' Ithink you
agree w/ me on this:) lol , done here;
Like : : Post 55 minutes ago is
q people like this,
Chelsea lil Would*
minutes ago . Like
Gina Halli deff agree girl!
52 minutes ago I Like . nib I
51 minutes ago . Like . nib I
35 minutes ago . Like . nib 1
Chelsea -rsl mom , conne here, ihave to Elk to
minutes ago . Like . nib 2
ssn' t it a bit immature to post . ises about
someone? And didn' t you just say it to your computer SHEEN?
15 minutes ago . Like
Gina we fact is, We' told her to her face all of this,
minutes ago . Like . nib I
Chelsea l_ you gina Q
minutes ago . Like
Maximilian :1 see, And what' s wrong wim wearing the
same domes to school?
13 minutes ago . Like
Gina Em doesn' t wash them,
13 minutes ago . Like
I-' : u: you mow her predicament? Maybe she
can' t afford to do that? Maybe she can' t afford to get new domes?
12 minutes ago I Like
Ginga we an afford everything,
She has everything
12 minutes ago . Like
do you mow?
12 minutes ago . Like
Chelsea may point,
12 minutes ago . Like
Gina :: ause we used to be best friend
12 minutes ago . Like
Eb? Do you mow how much her family makes?
Why does it matter if she doesn' t wash her domes? It' s very
immature to say things like that, Don' t you have better things to do?
Like get good grades or something?
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Chelsea Ann muse she' s a guild lime brat.
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Maximally , , you' re not her mend anymore, it' s none of
your business. o something useful,
7 minutes ago I Like
Maximilian and getting all of your lime friends to agree
wim you doesn' t mean it' s right.
6 minutes ago I Like
Gina an I' m not agreeing because Chelsea' s my friend,
I' m agreeing becausee I mow it' s true,
I' hated this girl for a while (Not Chelsea)
5 minutes ago . Like . nib I
vhy do you hate her? Do you really think
complaining about her is going to make her change? Just to be like
the rest of you people who paste your face wim a pound of make up
everyday, wearing skimpy domes, just to get boys to notice you?
Seriously! You' re not getting into college by insulting another girl,
2 minutes ago I Like
baybe that was too much for you to handle.
In simpleton terms, grow up.
l about a minute ago . Like
Clarita a comment,,,
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