How To Escape the Friendzone. If all else fails, try a completely different method, since in all honestly there isn't one tried-and-true approach that works for

How To Escape the Friendzone

If all else fails, try a completely different method, since in all honestly there isn't one tried-and-true approach that works for absolutely everyone. Or just buy a hooker, if all you want from a girl is sex. Good luck to y'all.

Hey guyse So T see a lot of guys
complaining on here about getting
friendszoned. Now, I' m sure some
of you just complain for the lols
or because everyone else is doing
it, but: it also feels like some
of you are genuinely getting
friendzoned, and hate it.
So, as a girl, T wanted to just
give you guys some advice that
may help you snag a girlfriend.
I' m not doing this for the thumbss-
once T submit this, I' m deleting
my account. Thumb this down into oblivion
and spam the comments with "LDL TL; DR"
or "Lol dumb bitch" or "Lol get back
in the kitchen" if you want, T don' t care.
T just want to help some of you
guys out..
Step 1
Have good hygiene. I' m not saying you have
to moisturize your face twice a day and
use a toner and a bunch of other
stuff. But shower at. least
once every other day, and brush your teeth
at. least twice a day. Don' t be greasy, don' t
have bad BO, don' t have bad breath. Nobody
likes that.
Step 2
Don' t be a jerk. Now, this may come as
to those of you who are
like, "But girls only go for aggressive
douchebaggy" That' s not true. The aggressive
douchebags usually get the girl because they
let the girl know they' re interested, but:
that almost never leads to a healthy
longstory relationship. A quick lay? Yes.
A legit girlfriend? Not really. T mean it.
Be nice. If she rejects you because she only
goes for "bad boys," she' s not mature enough
for you yet.
Step C)
You have to be confident enough to at. least
approach the girl, or nothing will ever
happen. Not brave enough to come right out.
and say you want to date her? No problem.
Talk to her, get to know her, hang out.
with her as friends a few times until
you' re at. least moderately comfortable
around her. But eventually, you have to
tell her that you' re interested in her.
Step 4
If she rejects you, you have some options.
You can stay her friend and accept a
purely platonic relationship. You can
stay her friend, but: every so often, try
to ask her out. on dates. Or, you can just
move on. Note that girls aren' t Simse-
you can' t force her to be attracted to
you. Sometimes, it just doesn' t work out..
THAN But, if she says yes,
SPECTED You have acquired a girlfriends
Good lucke
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I hope this post goes far. People really need to see it.
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this... this is useless
like seriously, this is how to get in a friendship
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