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#426 - gayfurryreturns (02/24/2012) [-]
Ten furries in my asshole. Which one jizzes first?
#435 to #426 - justderpin (02/24/2012) [-]
I don't get what you're trying to prove by posting these comments. You're not funny, nor will you ever be funny. You fail completely at trolling because no one here is really getting angry with you, most of us are just thumbing you down and scrolling along. Please just leave this site, no one wants you here.
#437 to #435 - gayfurryreturns (02/24/2012) [-]
The fact of the matter is, you are still spending energy on my stupidity. Do you honestly think I am doing this for the lulz? Of course not. Think about it. We have so many ********** over the stupidest crap. MLP, video games, politics, religion. I am just showing how angry can FJ get over 1 simple topic. Furries, that happen to be gay. I am straight. 15. Not a furry. But as you can see, look how many people realized how stupid ********** can be? I have gotten more than 500 red thumbs in a couple of hours. Think about it.
User avatar #467 to #437 - ultrarobbie (02/24/2012) [-]
No, stop being pretentious with your analysis of your so called "experiment". The deal here is you want attention; this what every single troll wants - why else would they do it? I know you want to sound smart, but your desire for attention is all I see. I'm a teenager as well, 16, and I know what you're going through as I have felt the craving for attention you feel right now, but doing this is just stupid, so why not be clever and stop?
#447 to #437 - certifiedidiot ONLINE (02/24/2012) [-]
I don't see a single valid point in that, imma go with typical teenager who thinks he knows everything.
#438 to #437 - justderpin (02/24/2012) [-]
It doesn't take that much energy to type, unless you're really fat and you cant move your fingers. I'm pretty sure you're getting some self gratification out of this because YOU yourself think it's funny. Making the name with "returns" in it means you've obviously done it before and you thought it was hilarious to see a bunch of people getting angry. Just hop over to 4chan, people accept that gay furry **** over there.
#441 to #438 - gayfurryreturns (02/24/2012) [-]
I can care less about gay furries, lets be logical now. I don't think this is funny...entertaining...slightly. But seeing the anger out of people just shows how idiotic they can be.
#463 to #441 - yourfaced (02/24/2012) [-]
Way to spend your time there, kiddo. You could be doing much more productive things. Do you have no more important things to do than post repetitive comments? I think a real troll has the brainpower to at least make a comment relative to the content. Way to be a glorified spambot.
#457 to #441 - giustobuffo (02/24/2012) [-]
Wait a minute... So you were born straight, and made a choice to be a gay animal?

**** logic, apparently the Republicans are right.

Dude, you sure showed us. Now I think we all feel stupid (cough*sarcasm*cough)
#446 to #441 - anonymous (02/24/2012) [-]
Then quit The **** ! Im sick of seeing these posts all the fukken time
#443 to #441 - justderpin (02/24/2012) [-]
Just so you know, I haven't thumbed down any of your comments. I don't mind it because people are already going to get rid of you on there own. But you've got to think it's a bit entertaining if you've been doing this for a couple of hours just to get people mad.
User avatar #427 to #426 - joachimstraad (02/24/2012) [-]
**joachimstraad rolls 00**
User avatar #428 to #427 - scotlandspie (02/24/2012) [-]
**scotlandspie rolls 24** you fag?
User avatar #430 to #428 - joachimstraad (02/24/2012) [-]
Bisexual in theory
Asexual in practice :(

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