Hilarious emails. I know we've all seen this before. But reading it again after a year or so is still hilarious!. Moor/ ysterday and my nee new so was Wynn ere  funny hilarious tf lol
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Hilarious emails

I know we've all seen this before. But reading it again after a year or so is still hilarious!

Moor/ ysterday and my nee new
so was Wynn ere Mun ovum
makes Haste trea_ new
amend my seedcases
ses athe one at has s haven: see name Maser and
weeks seen
nose. one Thorn:
Dale s.
so s_ Walkies
subect; Re Poster
That news Luc_ stting sewn ween squeegees
ATM_ new Mayne \ aass
Damaged ta mend work es ess wees wee - about
loor /
see sease has back by e densest msa‘
At_ eons expectin work sess , s
Wm at - than and n whatever Makes to upstate see
weed)! return " may
Regards one
sease e so Poster
nah ‘know we een We cats out s sease worm sham
mm: sene to sene es sens sonny
so wens
sensed so so so Poster
seem see maul We ens we ensue been e my ‘went
and humans e our or
hunts They were Ive sees see sums hm s so ems
seen Asthe my was MW e sew Mocks eons my Mac:
wok After see essa week, my ess seem vs my sees Aragog es see
my me e any named Steven Mums e can emu es
uses see _ Steven vs e mass already occupiers try e cat
see tenessee at dawn‘! ens seem demesne Steven to sew out we
was **** en e see and sink: es forehead Mm see Earner or e weaker
resting vs e My seen Wen use h see out sun Defecated
Sm/ an one e wet brown slam down we een es es heme
coma ems s Wed sees cat
Atta) Duster es requested
Regards, one
A summon
seesaws so so so so Poster
come see " may s n sease
sensed. so so so so so Poster
Dear -
es e stesso sene The at s sess vs we - wan:
Regards one
subect so so so so so Re Faster
sens sess new can we so t proper) s extreme'
wertan and was w ess mm vs tears we trunk t IS
my can We make see trager : and and n t vs
Taxs_ Walkies
sensed. so so so so so so so Pastas
wee - wee newness sore sew new new s weeks have
assumed we understand‘ dawn: suggesters
wen lday'
tellyou new so messages‘ we win ens seek um "
een wee seems at my to make her way
none norms: or vs e mam es t scerry
ess we water e was mm: but sees wessels
ses see
s have arm clinched see Duster es Demons
Regards, one
so one Thaw:
so Re Re so so so Re Poster
ses s see other one een you make tse t whose
es may no name momenta text sees says Alsnog may ess s
sess wees Mossy sess
one s. ll Ham
To: Shannan secksey
sensed. so so so so so Re so Re so Poster
sensed. so so so so so Re so so so so posses
Yeah een we n see outer or new my wees e amine were sess
sense's an ween and why: see was sess ens has
name nos We e mow: Duster or sease sene so sene
isamaa sleeks
one s. ll
Sume: 1' Aaww
seers have e at ‘Me: seek Her e enemas an ses e week
out uses t uses my and see anneal es
my sees New see cat vs e churn en vs washed and want
about t e s websense and than taeters have
put my mother vs sees none Mar A week Vales ween my
mend came to cussed es en ‘Waterman sees s was nos ham: and Masha
see an to s tannin put snow?! senses en see teeknee
and he nee so cussed t Gramm: was wee and any amass so
stall was on chum sees news: on so sease so ses n
sene mashed see amended versing wees Duster es
Regards, one
CONTACT 0433 359 105
one s. Ham
Thais nos my cat weegees you get sees amuse tracethat an s
one s. ll seen
seems» so so
s knew oestrus one s: new As may lesquee possee met any one at
savers! wollow een t s you swam on e better at um uses n
new your arena: an en s M we e
mack and ' one wee ts mm sees see eyes by e an an we wees
t'" yau een emery deems: and casta essa
knew surname wee nee e Basset peeresses nee ts mm sees senence
was en acumen! arm t Mala wesk essere mm an : no
moses wee _ we nee been moan s ween have “ken ses ess ts
sees so n senence arm semen wee when ens nee e senere canvas
races e work
Regards one
one Nassau/ 21 12 were
sensed so so so
Please sess use see sene we
no eye Them:
so s_ Walkies
surecte so so so Re
on nu: or JUNE
CONTACT 0433 359 Ttis
sease . e so so so so
wees esenel
nee put sees sease sess Apart t s peerfect een you Mess:
weeks seen
no eye Warn:
sensed so so Re Re so so Aaww
on THE an or am:
CONTACT 0433 359 705
one s. 12 Sums
sease _ e so so so so so so
can you sess Muse use see reward es rm s have so sene vs
see Toutes and ssh“ have to make at t
one s. 12
sensed so so so so so so so so
sease . e so so so so so so so so ANAN
nee sees MU have to n
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#5 - gingermidgit (02/21/2012) [-]
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#4 - RageChael (02/21/2012) [-]
This is ! His website is 27b/6 . com   
He's bloody hilarious
This is ! His website is 27b/6 . com
He's bloody hilarious
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