Okay. That works too..... Asker, you so silleh. Just found this whilst searching for an answer myself. Visit me on YouTube: www.youtube.com/dannywarwolf. kevin
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Okay. That works too....

Asker, you so silleh. Just found this whilst searching for an answer myself.

Visit me on YouTube: www.youtube.com/dannywarwolf

kevin m
Monkeys as pets?
is it legal to keep a monkey as a pet? ress did it in friends, and new I want ene.
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Before we get ene, Volunteer at a EDD. You will learn SC) much about the issues of
caging wildlife. Monkeys are very difficult to keep in captivity. Ems have a hard time,
SC) a family will find it very difficult.
They are not suited to life in houses.
Ems spend thousands in special equipment to keep them contained. Special locks
and doors because they learn heite epin doors.
They have ugly sexual cant be trained out of.
They fling pee. Just because they can.
They hate living in cages. In this case, yourshelf house will be a cage.
Vet care will be difficult to find.
So will "baby sitters" if we want to go en Vacation. Traveling with monkeys is difficult
because they carry a let ofthe same diseases people do and quarantine can be
expensive and tiresome.
They bite hard enough to draw bleed and take fingers. Not because they' re angry, but
because it' s part eitheir communication.
They can be loud. Again, part of communication and they cant be trained out of it.
They are as smart as children and need as much time, attention, activity and
stimulation as a Preschooler. More mien. Ems spend thousands keeping their
monkeys entertained and stimulated.
They We up to years. Imagine having a long.
Ems and shelters dent take pet animals. If (heaven forbid) something happens to Pol
he will be euthanized because there will be newhere for him to go.
Please consider carefully. Permits and all the paperwork we need is going to be
expensive in itself, not to mention, many monkeys are endangered and not available
en Ebay. Expect to pay a pretty penny.
Source( s):
I' m a Vet Tech and have experience in wild life
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i' m going to buy ene and feed it bananas and peanut butter
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#4 - vraptor (02/20/2012) [-]
Holy 						****					, that gave me a good laugh.
Holy **** , that gave me a good laugh.
User avatar #1 - mustangfreak (02/20/2012) [+] (2 replies)
I would name him Sparta just so i could yell "THIS IS SPARTA" then throw him at the person.
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