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#22 - vaginismus
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(02/20/2012) [-]
I love how some guys are complaining here because they don't actually see things from our point of view.

Now; like you said, he did cocaine and stuff, which is not good and most PEOPLE (not just girls) don't like it. It shows us that we don't always know the story behind the friendzoning. A guy could come here to tell us he's the nicest boy on earth and got friendzoned - but not everything in the internet is the truth. And perhaps they thought they were nice, but the girls they liked were either dumbasses, or just didn't like your type (we all have some basic things we want to see in a potential companion), or just took your "hints" or approaching the wrong way. Or, like you told us, they acted like a friend from the start, which is usually very hard to change.

I have friendzoned many guys. The reason for this is because I'm taken and very in love with my boyfriend.

But, there was a time when we were in the friendzone. I dated his friend (who was so not my type, we didn't really get on at all, but my friends pressured me to try a relationship with him...we had fun and all, but we eventually noticed we didn't really match; we still speak cordially when we meet and he has a new gf, but seriously he was like an annoying little brother to me) and me and my present bf were just friends. But when I broke up with the guy #1, we kinda hit off even though I had not thought about him much like that (I don't think about other guys when I'm in a relationship, whether I loved them or not).

Now we've been together for a year and two months, and they are the happiest of my life. I just wanted to tell this to all the people who are honest and have situations alike to mine, or not but still have hope. I wish the best to all of you, sorry for the long read (a few beers and I'm rambling like a professional story teller).
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(02/20/2012) [-]
/and to also tell that not everything is as it seems.