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#177 - rchelicopterswag
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(02/20/2012) [-]
>Be 9 years old just chilling in my room watching some Dexter's lab
>insert 4 year old little brother
>"Hey RC! Wanna play?"
>"Yeah, buddy! Sure!"
>little brother take his new spiderman action figure, which is all plastic and starts swinging it around like a viking mad man and lets go of it, making it hit me right in the ******* mouth
>In my head: "************************************************************"
>walk into living room "hey mom" blood still dripping
>insert mother, "OH WHAT THE ****"
>get nervous, gas starts building up
>take a **** on the living room floor, then go to sit on the couch and piss there as well
>insert some bitch, "WHAT THE **** TITUS"
>realize that I'm a dog
>roses are red
violets are blue
there's **** on the floor
what's for dinner
>best day evar.
#190 to #177 - ishouldplayzelda
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(02/20/2012) [-]
at "WHAT THE **** TITUS" i thought you'd end up being Christopher Titus