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#417 - metajunky
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(02/19/2012) [-]
posting my ideas again so more people can see them:
-starters are fighting, dark, and psychic
-customizeable character looks
-plot where you are a rookie in a organization that stops evil teams (like fbi or cis of pokemon)
-pokemon league and contests are not main goal but side parts
-rival is an asshat again
-no new pokemon or lands but able to visit at least 3 old ones
-better multiplayer with smogon rules (look them up)
-better defined characters and story (no retarded plotholes)
-harder main story (not much help from other characters, tougher battles, and actual consequences for losing battles)
-legends mode, which is a grueling, tough mode that allows you to face the league champions of other regions in their most powerful forms. this culminates in a nonstop, no breaks allowed fight (elite 4 styled) faceoff against the other games main characters
User avatar #451 to #417 - natheel
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(02/19/2012) [-]
Pokemon ideas im in
-starters standard , but no mixing **** like steel and water...wtf
-ability to make your own region: a map editor
-the ability to share that map
-A rival that is actually a badass
-pokemon engineering. Ability to create one pokemon from a secret machine from cinnabar lab
-organized crime that arent hippies
-have first 3 generations to explore, with random islands and stuff
- add quests, kill time and have a sort of reputation system
-karma (can turn evil or be good)
#444 to #417 - anon id: 6fdb6c97
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(02/19/2012) [-]
Here's my ideas
-Starters are regular water, fire, and grass
-Make an exploration move for every type and get rid of waterfall and dive.
-Make it so that it's a larger open world, I'd rather their modelers spend their time developing a huge epic world than spend their time making it so I can choose to have an Afro
-Make it so you can designate another player as your rival
-No new lands or pokemon introduced but expand on old ones, all the old lands have been fairly linear and I would like it if there was more of an exploration aspect
-Simple plot nothing hard to follow and leave room for different interpretations.
-Same level if not easier main story (the main story shouldn't be hard its a story and you should always respect your casual players as much as your hardcore players)
-Lots of difficult side missions and give a side quest chain for each legendary that weaves their story in with them. (For example the Regi's Vs Mewtwo, one you travel about the world deciphering strange stones, the other is just sitting in a cave.)