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#378 - lfcmannen
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(02/19/2012) [-]
God this meme reminds me of myself when I was 11 and didn't know how to delete my own history.
This resulted in me having a long talk with my mom and dad about the grotesque porn they found...
I will always remeber that day, it may have been the most awkward day of my life. Sitting down with my parents, and to look over the porn I've been visiting..
#423 to #378 - rchelicopterswag
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(02/19/2012) [-]
Oh my ****. That happened to me as well, but no porn that wasn't out of the acceptable zone. The funny thing though was that this happened while I lived with my mom (parents got divorced when I was a year old) she was ******* butthurt all everywhere, and I didn't give a single **** until she said, "We're driving over to talk to your father" and my heart ******* sank to Satan's deep, fiery lair. As soon as my dad saw me, it was pretty much this: "WHAT THE **** ___? SRSLY? WHAT. THE. ****. WHY WERE YOU VIEWING PORNOGRAPHIC MATERIAL" Oh gawd when he said that, my balls were in my throat. And then I was grounded from ever touching a computer again for 2 years unless I wanted my prepubescent little boy testicles ripped out and had my nipples chopped off and had them make pink little fried eggs out of them (Leo and Satan reference **** yes)
#407 to #378 - copyhat
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(02/19/2012) [-]
#387 to #378 - qwertyqwertyqwert
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(02/19/2012) [-]
Stop showing off your parents!
#382 to #378 - wxytsnowolf
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(02/19/2012) [-]