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User avatar #378 - lfcmannen (02/19/2012) [-]
God this meme reminds me of myself when I was 11 and didn't know how to delete my own history.
This resulted in me having a long talk with my mom and dad about the grotesque porn they found...
I will always remeber that day, it may have been the most awkward day of my life. Sitting down with my parents, and to look over the porn I've been visiting..
User avatar #423 to #378 - rchelicopterswag (02/19/2012) [-]
Oh my **** . That happened to me as well, but no porn that wasn't out of the acceptable zone. The funny thing though was that this happened while I lived with my mom (parents got divorced when I was a year old) she was ******* butthurt all everywhere, and I didn't give a single **** until she said, "We're driving over to talk to your father" and my heart ******* sank to Satan's deep, fiery lair. As soon as my dad saw me, it was pretty much this: "WHAT THE **** ___? SRSLY? WHAT. THE. **** . WHY WERE YOU VIEWING PORNOGRAPHIC MATERIAL" Oh gawd when he said that, my balls were in my throat. And then I was grounded from ever touching a computer again for 2 years unless I wanted my prepubescent little boy testicles ripped out and had my nipples chopped off and had them make pink little fried eggs out of them (Leo and Satan reference **** yes)
#387 to #378 - qwertyqwertyqwert (02/19/2012) [-]
Stop showing off your parents!
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