This is for my best friend. For all of you with best friends out there! (Believe me, I'm not trying to be a thumb whore. But I really do want him to read this s You won the game
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#1 - Ken M (02/18/2012) [-]
Can't bear you small minded teenagers who complain so much about life and saying you want to end it. Its a selfish thought, there are people who lose most of their quality of life, live with some form of paralysis and fight for their lives because they know that it means something to live. I am in no way religious but you and your friend need to sort yourselves out and tbh stop being such pussies. Life is hard, but the more you cry about your so called spilt milk the worse you are going to make it out to be. Everyone has tough times, its how you deal with these times that defines you. Do you roll over and die or do you fight for something better. I have taken the time to write this so that you might read it and perhaps come to your senses. The next time you feel sorry for yourself or like killing yourself remember the millions of people who were born into nothing but poverty and pain but who still live, because life means something to them... then maybe you can stop feeling so sorry for yourself and get on with your life.

I am only being brutally honest, and I come from a broken family where my mother was beaten by my father and we had to run away, we lived in squalor but worked our way out and now i attend university and am doing well... everyone has their demons.

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