Maturity? On the internet?. Sometimes, just sometimes, though it makes us think we divided by zero.. I hope yew degree isnt in english, yew grammar is appalling FireIceEarth
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Maturity? On the internet?

Sometimes, just sometimes, though it makes us think we divided by zero.

I hope yew degree isnt in english, yew grammar is appalling!
net a troll, emf agree with capeman. if yeai pants ever pokemon, then Int guessing "mu dent have much going fer mu.
my grammarfag writtin in a . please swallow my nuts.
15 -Fireiceearth
Ch and was that supposed to tie *written* in a humorous fashion too?
It seems we can add spelling to the combination of fantastic linguistic skills. "g. -ELI cant even spell its written in front of y-' eli.
Enjoy yew lysdexia.
MARNI. taek it ear"! . freekin mien nuffing. a ! hahaahaha dry easing it Lip. its net my fault the kids at "yew school dent like
g. -ELI. "mu need to vent en sameone y-" mi dent knew. in the comforts en anonimity' spell checka please? SO yeah go **** yourself mahn. yqwre a phag! C'..
Bel!) -Fireiceearth: .
seme Would say mu were trolling: intentionally displaying behavior's illicit the response of offense.
18 -Fireiceearth
l m the ene ? You re the ene being overly offensive to try to compensate for being in the wrong.
I' m also at university. net school, some people enjo' y growing Lip.
Come en mate. mu re claiming to tie. is
Listen man. not in the wrong becasue my grammar and spelling wasnt perfect. its yesir to cruises me. tut "mu cannot sayi am in the wrong.
just trying to make original content. thats all. mu dent have to es all the sophisticated asshole . it, grow Lip dude. please and thank mu. -
ANYMAN. "serif december ‘lath. .
21 -Fireiceearth .
In that case I apolagise fer wing . aring, Must didnt like the second statement in 'i' c) urfaust response. and decided to try taking Lieu dawn a peg er
MD. serry for that.
Fireiceearth. Learn . mt) e. r 22nd 1988!
h. yaah' y. maturity reached for LIB eath 1; we actuall/ just had an argument en the INTERNET. and resolved it .... .. what is this werld camming to?
Though it iall! @ i
if somethings wrong.
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User avatar #1 - weyman (04/07/2010) [+] (3 replies)
Man, **** this is soo gay, i hate you! **** maturity

tehehe, KIDDING,

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