The Sick Truth Behind MLP Meetups. The whole story: The Sick Truth Behind I/ ' Little Pony Anal fag Bronies
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The Sick Truth Behind MLP Meetups

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The Sick Truth Behind I/ ' Little Pony' I
R-* Meetups
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On the face value of it all, it is easy? say that My Little Pony (MLP) is an
innocent girls earthen but as reported by Chuck D. Finley (The My Little Pony
Abomination: What Is a Ironie and Why They Make Cod Cry), it is really a sick
attempt turn Americas fathers into gay sodomites
them, but seen become addicted the shew through its subliminal messages of Susan B. Xerte
Fathers want bond with their leung daughters SC) they watch the shew with
gayness that are pumped through the airwaves and cable lines right into their TV
sets. The men then buy MLP boys for their daughters as well as their selves, they
meet up with other fathers indulge in in their gay carnal delights. Even verse
they spread it their II -
of godless sede - . These for Satan' s anal army are known as Bronies.
t re I fll X X I
Then when there are enough of these Bronies in a region they then have what has
become known as a MLP 'Meetup" which may also be known as a Bronycon (the
New York ene is called . They then seek the approval of their uninformed wives
for permission take their daughters these conventions, while the loving mom stays at home with
the man children and the home.
These homogays fer Satan” s anal army are as Greenies.
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#156 - Muppetz
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(02/16/2012) [-]
THEY KNOW!!!!   
#288 to #156 - jumbocactus
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has deleted their comment [-]
#56 - theoriginaltyson
Reply +54 123456789123345869
(02/15/2012) [-]
Christwire is a satire site.

#90 to #56 - anon id: 2217ac49
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(02/16/2012) [-]
<MFW I visit that site
#183 - elgnomo
Reply +26 123456789123345869
(02/16/2012) [-]
random pic of niki minaj
#347 - makalza
Reply +16 123456789123345869
(02/16/2012) [-]
Satan's anal army....Flawless
Satan's anal army....Flawless
#223 - stocxt
Reply +16 123456789123345869
(02/16/2012) [-]
I'm a brony, and this is ******* hilarious.
#232 - inkythesquid
Reply +15 123456789123345869
(02/16/2012) [-]
New favorite word:

#97 - potatopie
Reply +14 123456789123345869
(02/16/2012) [-]
Homosex anal army you say?
User avatar #114 - mazzyrazzy
Reply +11 123456789123345869
(02/16/2012) [-]
"Satan's anal army" should become the new filter for b.ronies
#94 - Jesusnipples
Reply +11 123456789123345869
(02/16/2012) [-]
This image has expired
inb4 br0nies filters to satan's anal army
#95 to #94 - theforkontheleft **User deleted account**
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has deleted their comment [-]
#51 - ireallylikepotatoe
Reply +11 123456789123345869
(02/15/2012) [-]
Homogays for satan's armies UNITE!
#74 to #51 - dzamie
Reply +1 123456789123345869
(02/16/2012) [-]
&gt;mfw I see someone using a picture I captioned
>mfw I see someone using a picture I captioned