You just got BLUEWAFFLE'D!! (part 1). Hahaha poor bastard<br /> Part 2:<br /> /funny_pictures/334163/You+just+got+BLUEWAFFLE+D+part+2/. Edit Hem? Er poor guy
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You just got BLUEWAFFLE'D!! (part 1)

Tags: poor | guy
Edit Hem? Er. rols we
Stranger: male "
You: awesome. age?
Stranger: 16 u?
5 You: same
fed: want some pics?
Stranger: ya sure "
fed: bluewaffleftw
Stranger: wow tha u for that
fed: no problem just for you
Stranger: bitch
Ytour partner has disconnected.
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Views: 7688 Submitted: 04/06/2010