There's a new thing they call Internet!. Seriously I've seen about twenty of these damn posts thus far. Was going to make it a slowpoke 'brace yourselves' but c TAGS ARE FOR FAG
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There's a new thing they call Internet!

Seriously I've seen about twenty of these damn posts thus far.
Was going to make it a slowpoke 'brace yourselves' but couldn't find the template.
Also, why the heck do they give you so many characters for the description?
Should I use them all?
I'm gonna use them all.
Master K’thul was, unfortunately, her master for alchemy. Though he was a great teacher, and she was incredibly lucky to have him teach her at all, it was no secret that K’thul’s powers lay in the schools of destructive and protective magic, though she had no idea why. K’thul did not seem at all like a destructive person, though she supposed he was protective, of his past if nothing else. Magister K’thul Enmar of the Academy was known far and wide as the ageless sorcerer. More than once Julie had asked him about how he got the title, what he did before joining the Academy, what the term sorcerer meant. But questioning him about anything of his past life only resulted in vague answers and dismissal of the subject. A sudden realisation snapped Julie out of her reverie. It was too quiet. She could no longer hear the birds, save for the faint chirps coming from other peaks. Even the wind had died down, the whistling of it through the mountain, the rustling of tree tops and the rushing of snow. The sound of her own breathing dominated her hearing. The sudden crushing of snow beneath hurried feet caught her attention, and she spun around in time to see the wolf leap at her. Grey fur bristling and peppered with white snow, teeth bared in a snarl as its powerful hind legs sent in flying straight for her throat. Julie screamed and reached for her wand, tucked into a special pocket near her waist. As her fingers curled around the smooth wood of her wand’s handle, the wolf was blown aside with a yelp and a sudden burst of brilliant blue magic. The powerful spell sent the wolf tumbling through the few meters between Julie and the edge of the plateau she was standing on. With a final howl the wolf fell below the edge. Julie did not waste time checking what had happened to it as she drew her wand, holding it at the ready and standing in a stance that would increase the speed of her destructive channelling. Where there was one wolf, there was bound to be a pack. Two more wolves burst from a small group of trees to Julie’s left, followed by a yell and a man dressed head to toe in Academy armour, with a Magister’s cloak.

Let' s mam )) kise (priests
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