Pokemon Adventures. Sequel:<br /> /funny_pictures/351584/Pokemon+Adventures+Pt+2/<br /> <br /> Click "MORE>&am Jesus says he loves me but i still make him wear a condom Pokemon adventur
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Pokemon Adventures

Pokemon Adventures. Sequel:<br /> /funny_pictures/351584/Pokemon+Adventures+Pt+2/<br /> <br /> Click "MORE>&am

Sequel:<br />
/funny_pictures/351584/Pokemon+Adventures+Pt+2/<br />
<br />
Click &amp;amp;quot;MORE&amp;amp;gt;&a mp;amp;amp;g t;&amp;amp;quot; to see how to get your very own Gameboy emulator for your computer.<br />
Please also check out:<br />
/funny_pictures/328117/Best+of+Autocomplete/<br />
Here is a site for a Gameboy Advance Emulator, so you can play Gameboy games on your computer. I recommend 'Visual Boy Advance':<br />
www.emulator-zone.com/<br />
As for games, this is the site I use:<br />
www.coolrom.com/roms/gba/<br />
If you have trouble, with a 'circuit-board' message then check this comment which seems to answer how to fix it:<br />
/showcomment/4747590/#c302<br />
Also check out this hilarious comic post by my buddy EmperorColo:<br />

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