Dinosaurs, kinda like cats. . PPM % Eb Ill? Back Conversed on Lil 2 members receiving messages you 5: 57 PM Thanks tor signing up for Dino Trivia Daily! You wil
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Dinosaurs, kinda like cats

PPM % Eb
Back Conversed on Lil
2 members receiving messages
5: 57 PM
Thanks tor signing up for Dino
Trivia Daily! You will now
receive fun daily facts about t
dinosaurs! ,
5: 58 PM
Please don' t text me back
5: 59 PM
The oldest known dinosaur is
Ccraptor, a meat eater that ,
lived 228 million years ago. /
5: 59 PM
t Stop lol
we PM
Would you like to receive a
Dino Fact every hour? proply ,
to cancell
6: 01 PM
6: 03 PM
Command not recognized. You
have a subscription to
Dino Facts and will receive fun ,
an PM
Suck my cock you ass be
Command not recognized.
Please let us know you are
human to cancel by completing ,
the following sentence:
6: 06 PM
Your favorite animal is ,
6: 07 PM
I How bout you stop texting me
you cum gurgling **** ass
6: 08 PM
INCORRECT. Your favorite
animal is the dinosaur. You will
continue to receive Dino Facts ,
l every .
an PM
Giganotosaurus is the largest
carnivorous dinosaur ,
6: 12 PM
this is more than one per
hour this is not a service you
cock ****
Thanks for texting Dino Facts
Daily! Remember, every time
you text you will get an instant
dinosaur fact! To cancel, reply t
6: 15 PM
A person who studies
dinosaurs is known as a t
paleontologist! "
You will die
6: 17 PM
not recognized. >
Did you know that there are
birds who descended from a
type of dinosaurs called I
theropods? "
I will catch a theropod and
l I make it eat you then **** you
6: 20 PM
Rather than being carnivores
meat eaters), the largest
dinosaurs such as the
Brachiosaurus and
Apatosaurus were actually
herbivores (plant eaters).
cancel Dino Facts, reply ,
6: 20 PM
6: 22 PM
You want to cancel? Please
answer the following question ,
to confirm that youve human: /
6: 22 PM
What is your favorite species of ,
6: 23 PM
ldk **** off you ************ I
I will choke you with you boner
you **** eater
6: 24 PM
not recognized. >
You will continue to receive ,
Dino Facts.
6: 25 PM
And you continue to sign your
death wish
6: 27 PM
Scientists believe that the event
leading to the extinction of the
dinosaurs may have been a
massive asteroid impact or
huge volcanic activity. Events
such as these could have
blocked out sunlight and
significantly changed the t
l Earth' s ecology. "
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Submitted: 01/30/2012
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#1 - colorspill (02/03/2012) [-]
That guy got pissed.
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