Best Of Facebook #1. If this gets 100 thumbs up i'll post a second, enjoy . Ray.‘ ACTIVITY Q Amm_ beams a fan Min born and rased ems we Q ans". -:usename s fan  facebook fails lol
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Best Of Facebook #1

If this gets 100 thumbs up i'll post a second, enjoy

Q Amm_ beams a fan Min born and
rased ems we
Q ans". -:usename s fan my the playground was where I
Lyda's like
ems he
as Arum in became s fan sum all shin SUNS sissy outside ofthe
semi Camvee he
Q Arturia beams s fan anwhere s cowpie Haws Min were up is no
good like
Q Anon “beanie s fan restarted making trouble in my
neigbourhood ewes he
Q Arum ‘beanie s fan cf! any we Mutant my mum got
scared he
Anon -beasta a fan anus sad 'route waving with your aynrand
txm, asked me "Have you ever aked Luke-
as more man a friend?‘
answered "Probably, criming really hard aboutthe passible ofthe
Um we 13. semi Interview Commerial Mi mace mi brine e Interview
mob‘ [think youve arready done that quite mce? y.
Fun we 13. 57
NEWS Fun Comments
Emily Love
a the O I mangirl and i have
50000 many things to be thankful lav!
Whats one thing youre thankful tor?
IE mingles we
7 milieus a D
q in aim manning
Mctitties IS “RE tor
33 menus we
A Fflb;
the sudden realization that he hasn' t kissed a girl
rt about a my and is thoroughly downtrodden now.
E 3 minutes as (: nong Text Message Comment Like
lama! - Maw: l has ( do with Me amine your
prone Didi!!! VS a Dukemon
2 miutes an Dune
Garrett j f' really!!! l
hams as mm Like
E Daniel ‘whats the name Mthe song?
3 hours we
lawns! the manhunt heard l yesterday and i we it mi
2 hours we
Q Garrett j Is the - police Cover by we
Bl Megan - all thanks to (tte was found t mi
5 hours we
mt catch you saying that , >(
2 hours nan
m new - mime sunken: got in trouble
mum an View we
Maura new 'engaged' to was . Carrier him
Ambit Utah yaw A
5 minutes an
up Imputes ago -new
3 Toutes an
m Allora_ y was Med in a bank
Say! my my Maura,
permutes an -were
I says‘. Fm so sorry Mama away .7 my dd
2 minutes an
on swam Andy warty with
am gegeven though wine In a "
24 seconds we
Chris -thankin bout a main, mam somebody, that perfect
somebody, sexy purple body
u 56 Minutes an We
a.. eis; m dame me
Maj ha
b" in miricles an
the oh -are you winking -
Cu[% NAMA ‘tau aways and scams mu when you were we iii LDL
m Emmies an
Ala: Owned‘
2 seconds an ‘Delete
I Lave You) v
E Amber's- r lush‘ Happy 4 1/ 2 Year Anniversary
Samuel -. aahahahahah does that Include allthe
times Wu broke up?)" Tore We happy t my /
about a mime an
Ashley- Can' tsee the at ii eaat offered% my home. A his scary
IE _ Wml’ awn page that while ems can
not hem] anew sem
Alexis‘ is starting 3 Fight any mi
14 ( Communt Like
Anthony‘ You an malah yanks: broke the
my min of Fight Chm? :1
in mazes ago
Ben may laughed at we Armstrong when he wanted to go to the
moon, now he is anthem
Reroutes we cammeh We
sh tits
mod’! laugh my wrong a % yer an
Fl the Mann,
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User avatar #7 - Overloard (04/05/2010) [-]
also the one about the relationship said her husband died in a bank hostage... WTF was doing inside of a bank hostage
User avatar #6 - Overloard (04/05/2010) [-]
i did just did the first thing on facebook
User avatar #5 - bustamove (04/04/2010) [-]
the last one is a blades of glory quote.
User avatar #4 - imadabest (04/04/2010) [-]
ha nice
User avatar #3 - djhotwaffles (04/04/2010) [-]
i would thumb but i havent had my account for long enough yet :'(
User avatar #2 - EeazyE (04/04/2010) [-]
his name is robert paulson
#1 - anonymous (04/04/2010) [-]
**anonymous rolls 996,010,441** i would thumb up, but im a noob anon D:
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