Not so easy to fuck with. Guess what! I came across this when my grandpa emailed it to me. Laughed my ass off! Don't forget to thumb! (pinkie). Jews Not an 9331 jews funny Not so easy to fuck with popular demotavational
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User avatar #1 - takiidb
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(01/29/2012) [-]
Whats goood!
#3 - anon id: 77b0de61
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(05/08/2016) [-]
Nevermind, asked googled and answered. Photo is an actual photo by the press and the caption was doctored by someone.

#2 - anon id: 77b0de61
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(05/08/2016) [-]
Do we know the origin of the photo and text? Was this made / modified? At first glance it's good. Upon rethinking it, it's misleading. The photo depicts Israeli fighter planes clearly in Hebrew writing. Yet, the message is Jews "Not so easy to **** with anymore." Who said it was ever easy to **** with a Jew first of all and second this should read Israel, not so easy to **** with anymore. I understand the inference but it's misleading.