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Guards are in association with the Templar order, by choice at that. Assassins are Liberals, If they see that something is not to what they define as better for their way of life and freedom, they change it on their own. Assassins are Liberals because they will go to extremes to change things politically, and if that means killing a few guards who chose to join the asshole-ish side of the world at that time who all they wanted was power and control, rather than whats best for the people, so be it. But then you have the bigger bad guys, such as Rodrigo Borgia, or Cesare Borgia, they were very revolutionary men who made drastic changes to the European culture in the 1490's and 1500's. They did things the way they saw fit. Although they were corrupt with power and angst, they were men who knew how to get **** done in there own way, and even though they were assholes, they were still in a way respected by many. So a proper "rest in peace" to those who made a large impact on things isn't so bad.