My call to FJ. So here' s the story, a 23 year old guy was trying to get with a 14 old girl when the gi
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My call to FJ

So here' s the story, a 23 year old guy
was trying to get with a 14 old girl when
the girl' s ex posted on her wall and
below happened.
We use s go amend hell we
nra we new as
sh Attenborough was ths
hours ago
use s go : wenn why go
out new
t? hours an
my god ******** muse were eyes and memes
ages we 7 gonna en me 7
t? hours an
all us other es s haiku
up hast
t? hours ago -so 1
nave) T single thoughh
t? hours an
Daniel (men (newer Jorie an we t
12 new s an
because 1 have e guy same Rickover
t, and 1 have e Sty do yeu
t? houkago -
name: Crotch (newer At least! eem: have her es e Mend and
her mung en my we w
t? nees s an
and mm are fiends, getover t
t? hours an
Make -1 em we sure as are allowed try son be
they want see ms up see men and my we else
about an hour ago _ A 1
Ehere- exactlyy m stop been sues e Jensen an and
Justcause n have fiends Messrs: neen e gut
about an hour we _ A 1
Daniel (men (snapper pretty sure ens shouldnt be (HUME there
en men cute' there w en fbr e reason we
about an hour we
we though[
fidelis we messes her new and me we
fiends new and good fiends en en each other we whey want
wens new we
Daniel Crotch Clapper yeah u een: senn us ens there we mes
mes Mong haha my they dont yeu Just see young and knew
about en hour we
yes okay then she knows than eem we
her we and there wth Mong and tamura/ s haang e
sad and gems new
about an hour we
t, new sews Seen all the seinens en
your pus and sht may been e fudging we
about an hour we _ A 1
men u seen all ' : mey were
were s even knew you
about an hour we
men november yew: havent
had I
about an hour we
he so whatyou -nss: -mm yew ' trwf
so shound you wag me e gutana
dumb semen the wees: mugs wew my ex wee me we s sad 1
new ' my guy same mi eyes t
about en hour we
Robert (em
about en nees we -so 1
yenius: sey yeu desteny
know sense we mess fudging new es
about an hour we _ A 1
Jarrod 11111151, new are
mes allowed s havefun best mates we wens s and she an
say whatever she wens see her ex, my feelings fbr
eachother anymore
m ******* , you are Chem
about an hour ago - A 2
Chev: -awn and danel sen wanking fbr yeu s en mes
about an nees ago
Jarrod : srat he sew s en me seep
about en nees we
Irv! -‘yew cause s new you hams ,
about an hour we - A 1
1 en we sure except
that new we germs weep my you
about en hour we -so 2
Jarad Chew an new wince/ en she wens see, ms nut
your beeson new
1 says we mu "
59 sinuses we
ha: -yam” y allowed see have guy fiends Jane)
58 sinuses age -A 1
1 new yeu see baby Warned how
old are u and are 147 sages then Tea so u meld take me down
baby em Harm scleroses seneng there all seen en new then
PM there when they see me hahahah take e lenksan:
53 sinuses we
awn 'ls he gene en u Rake
53 sinuses we
Daniel Crotch (( you mu mm
53 sinuses we
Maisey He try I guess but you know guess my means
got my back
53 missuses we -so 2
told ye, and en told u all us ll es
MI came and seeyou up
Jarrod an chopper? ahahahahhahahahah en my god
yeu make me laugh
yeah You would mes: wen smash the , outdoes t
luck we 1 any no
sen seems up fbr Chem because she e good Mend tbone, my
she sew to an away. the
Daniel (men (helium Hana my u need other peeps to men: fbr
Yum sen new we
1 have fiends Jensen get eyes that
yeu knew 1 we yeu ths why the **** should 1 when venues!
all me e gutana we
50 missuses we -so 1
me new They an an
wen yeu tell yeu they new yeu sen, bum never wee me
notthe only guy u , es have en your page 1
wanna and have e gm mks has we
guy enemey only she sew 1 new you see (Send new we
as sinuses we -so 1
luv! -and wees new we hahahaa
as sinuses age -A 1
we 20 and says stalke math: e 14 new as
accuses we -so 2
MRI en why muse 1 have Helena ‘yam e dumb
my be older but yew nut the pop same mane
his babe aye
Daniel (men (hawker yep ms u say 1 new you s other guys
e eem **** ha least educated
as missuses we
and haang seems fbr sameone
defferent sen en learn that
as missuses we
Ashley Rake he wanna try
as muses ago
0121/ 21 my any guy ( sad 1 new you see Yum st:
educated why your Band go after year mes men
all men guts dumb suns and all other sns: 2 And yeu w drugs and
mm ugly / d you sense me and Irtish me and mm
as sinuses we -so 1
Maker Na we mes extremely wrung atheist's only 2
years between us Chew
sinuses we -so 2
wew 1 w drugs hahahah muss
was we nss does men yew 1 weinen m Mann my
heme as new mews new see me t
around s us bestemte And why u we Age
lusts numers Also u Irtish me my and ts natal eeuu: necks
new t yen Reaveal estate educated new err
its Peace
12 muses we
make‘ em we sure nut everyone does drugs sewer
11 muses we -so 2
men sen eem we Just see yesme s
try t en try weed es something else wee your we Hanna ewe
m muses we
hen/: 21 sad 1 new yeu see W Nut es new 1 New 1: yeu
Fading dot) minivan 1 [lke yeu 1 Vain
so ****** dumb. when 1 m 1 we yeu 1 mean t, Just muse 1 we 1 new
my hammers Messrs: neen 1 new men new men e Mend And
may sure mes: peeps say new there vestments wew your
mm me earner
27 muses we
Daniel Crotch (Muller new not see Ha good ****** off
22 muses we
we -was t yeu eem sun:
21 muses we -so 1
Daniel (men Clapper we sun: wuldve sad 1 new yeu s Tea
Emu payee Plus u morn even sark up fbr new sen
19 muses we
would suck up my you when you an her e
gutana all the rest
muses we -so 2
dentin have new ones were and yenius: ewe:
me nse: sseug up my you we you wee me e gut ( *********
your e ****** asshole
Daniel (men (newer Rake **** em Thatit even any of us
business eye already had her st: *********
tr muses we
lulu - my sck es ths if
muses we
Daniel (men (newer Uhh st: your en nss see new Why devito
****** go mm new
11 muses we
Jarrod semen
13 muses we
Daniel (men (newer JARRAD cums we swarm MY was ,
It muses we
1 meme say men we 1 have my fudging Interest
mm yeu you your
head 1 your the one who started sasmzg shun mm my *******
muses we
Jane) what m we Tana yew educated? Learn s
spell then boast about we we that‘! Tour 23 and your ems mesh
s year yeu m be ? sound we we have me
ond and guts we who new school)
q Why would yeu abuse e year old gm es we ewe her e gut
and abusing her fbr haang everyone thatthe/ l
F learn ************ does drugs? 1 ween: done ewes My mates
eem My parents eem 1 need e we we lessen, and es
sad because your gem t from , grow up ensue
mate, yew e migrate peeps fagyour seen
to muses we -so 2
3 in less
s muses we -so 1
Jarrod ths sun: the reason why ems hate guys.
new men Wm my repect at all
e muses we -so 1
says he ares butwho
dd 1 should be allowed fiends
e muses we
Daniel (men (newer Jsin' t ask my us epinsei traves Nut us we
so ts my we wnn do when wens. also us we u wouldnt know sneer
parents w t es nut Plus we ems mates would u ******
nss Hahah yep and Toe and ewes new ems
business also haven' ledbetter mm s em sen u sad
we lesson about what? Man u sound we my pop hahahahaah *******
1 muses we
set fbr we mes hahah
about e muse we
This is all happening as you read this so
if you have something to say to Daniel,
feel free to do so o
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Submitted: 01/28/2012
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#2 - jakefenris (01/28/2012) [-]
This is why the block button exists ...
#1 - kupkakez (01/28/2012) [-]
Just got real. This guys really stupid lol
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