World's smallest elephant. Wow... I don' t if you' re small. I' ll still love you.. ...Anyone else notice the giant dick? It's not so cute once you notice it. Cute smallest world Elephant meme
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#1 - augginator
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(01/27/2012) [-]
...Anyone else notice the giant dick?
It's not so cute once you notice it.

#6 to #1 - anon
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(06/18/2012) [-]
It's an umbilical chord.
#7 - anon
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(09/29/2012) [-]
The fetus that you see here is a dead fetus that was cut from the mother who was dead. That why they cut it out so they could try and save it. However they didn't and it was already dead when the pulled the fetus from the dead mother. The first guy was right.
#5 - anon
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(05/21/2012) [-]
U know baby elephants are pretty huge, that's a fetus dude
#3 - anon
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(01/28/2012) [-]
Okay stop saying this pic is the worlds smallest.. You need to know what your talking about and no its not a cack it is an umbill. cord because this is a fetus *dead* it was cut out of its dead mother..... Therefor its not a record its not even fully developed yet if it was born when it was supposed to be it would have been 200ibs like the rest, but it wasnt so no its not the worlds smallest it is a normal size!!! poor lil guy being passed around the internet as some kind of joke...
#4 to #3 - anon
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(02/04/2012) [-]
ok loser i just want you to know that they would never cut a baby elephant out of its mothers uterus they just wouldn't this baby elephant is was alive at least when they took the picture and it looks like that because the mother gave birth to it prematurely sometimes thats just what happens the baby is born to early and is very small and looks like this it isn't a good thing to happen obviously because then the baby could be seriously hurt or die lets just hope that this beyond adorable little baby elephant is this alive because these are the things we need to hope for in the world..this little baby elephant is quite possibly the cutest thing i've ever seen!!! so dont even try and act like you're smart and you know what your'e talking about because i have news you don't know **** and you're an incorrect hater (does this picture look dead to you?)