How to google. I made sure this has not been on FJ yet. and neither have I seen it on here before. So I thought it might help some of you guys out, on your home google hack sear
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How to google

How to google. I made sure this has not been on FJ yet. and neither have I seen it on here before. So I thought it might help some of you guys out, on your home

I made sure this has not been on FJ yet. and neither have I seen it on here before.
So I thought it might help some of you guys out, on your homework.
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There is a lot more to efficient Googling than you : in a
recent study on student research skills, a out of 4 students couldn' t
perform a ' search' on Google. When the success of
your term paper hangs in the balance, using Boogie effectively is
crucial, but most students surprisingly Just don' t know how.
Here are some crucial tips for refining your mingling, as well as
some other great places to hunt down that last study you need
What You Want
Nytimes articles about test scores in college, but not
the SATS, written between .2008 and 2010.
How To Boogie "
It n
only searchesyou
oases elitist site.
Excludes luisteren
tram the search.
Searches for the exact phrase,
nut each of separately.
Show all results from within
the designated Pomerania.
Will also Search related wards, such
as 'higher : asian' and 'university'.
What You Want
A report on the different air speed velocities of
common swallows.
How To Boogie "
Don' t ask Gnome questions. Think about how an answer
would be phrased, and search forthat lie, never search
for 'What is the air speed velocity...)
Only shows h that word in
the one [In this case, ‘veloci( V'].
Searches only results at the file type you
designate. Can use for Mt, don. WE. etc.
win of
Replaces itself with common terms in your search (in this case. an Rumped seal-
low and Lesser Striped swallow will earn be searched. aims with many ).
Goggle Scholar
S'') What You Want
Papers about photosynthesis by Ur, Ronald L. Green and
Ur, Thomas P, Buttz.
How To Boogie It
than papers involving the ward '/' authors full heme or initials in dimes.
This will search for papers by Green rather For more results, You can put the
Just like a harms Gnome search, this is
tunic you' re leaking tar sues.
Good for quick word definitions. dust put define: in front
of the word you want.
For [mick math problems, don' t worry about opening your
calculator app. Just type the equation into Boogie using t
1 "J and parentheses for basic functions.
Unit converter
Easiest unit conversion ever. Just type what you' re looking
for in a sentence with the units you have and want.
90% of Internet users don' t know how to use Command + F to find
items on a page. If you' re one of those 90%, this section is for you.‘
As mu or students use Macs. we laureated these this tor Matt users. bin many ofthem will work for
PC: It man was instead “ painmann‘.
The most important keyboard shortcut for research, ever.
Press Command ' F when looking at any document or web
page, type in the word yours trying to find, and presto,
all instances of the word are highlighted for you.
Sometimes online make for strained reading. Bump
up the size a few notches with this simple command.
Doing rapid Goggle searches in a number of tabs can be
fatiguing. Instead of mousing up to the address bar every
time, just hit Command - L and ts already selected.
Research on the computer is always plagued by window and
app *********** grows as your work does. Use Command + _
the key above tab on the left side) to cycle through
windows in a certain application, or Command - Tab to
cycle applications.
Sometimes, for whatever reason, you might need to capture
the state of your screen, or an image from a document.
Command + Shift + a screencaps your whole screen.
Command + Shift + 4 lets you draw a box around a specific
area of your screen you wish to capture.
use Your Library' s Website
Boogie should never be your only research option. Most
colleges' library web pages have links to wealthy of
resources at your disposal. This is where you can find
access to scholarly databases such as JSTOR, which
publish content that you can' t access for free elsewhere.
Don’ t cite Wikipedia
Let' s face it: we all use Wikipedia when conducting
research. ts a great first resource to familiarize one' s self
with a topic, but using Wiki for a research paper is a deadly
academic sin. But if you find a good wiki, check out the
reference links atthe bottom for more credible sources.
Mine Bibliographies
This tip is applicable for both digital and traditional
research. If you find a great book, study, or article,
chances are it cites some other great sources. Always
thoroughly explore the bibliographies of your research
materials for leads, and look up everything you find that
seems promising.
http// lavery uvic ca/ Instruct/ research/ google]} html. http// wcvw Uut% an
http // / technolagy/ brchive/ eall/( / crai: y
4_/. http// prov : life corn
ismoke/ features/ _ keyboard} , you_ biever_ krieg, // wwy
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#10 - braveheart (01/24/2012) [-]
This is probably one of the most useful things I have EVER seen on this site. We need a channel for **** like this.
User avatar #11 - harryballzack (01/24/2012) [+] (1 reply)
I find it weird how 220+ people Favorited this,, but less than half pinkieed.
Funnyjunk, I am disappoint
#19 to #11 - Fabregas (01/24/2012) [-]
But it's useful... not funny
#33 - jabba (01/24/2012) [+] (2 replies)
WHAT... is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

#35 to #33 - faithrider (01/24/2012) [-]
African? or European?
African? or European?
#44 - critz (01/24/2012) [+] (1 reply)
I saw the command button and was automatically like macLamar Smith.OH PEEis a Lamar Smith for using mac
#46 to #44 - cancerbat (01/24/2012) [-]
Jesus ******* Christ get the **** over it. It's a ******* computer.
#63 - rhinoraptor (01/24/2012) [+] (3 replies)
Favorited, saved, AND sending this to all my friends. Super helpful! Thank you! :D    
Here's a Pusheen for your troubles. :3
Favorited, saved, AND sending this to all my friends. Super helpful! Thank you! :D

Here's a Pusheen for your troubles. :3
#60 - lordbyronxiv (01/24/2012) [-]
now that google knows exactly what im looking for.. fap. roh. dah.
#47 - anonymous (01/24/2012) [+] (2 replies)
i like the fact it's made for mac users, only mac users is so stupid they can't google
#48 to #47 - mehtopia (01/24/2012) [-]
Oh the irony. Your grammar suggests that you're so stupid you can't use Google...

Your sentence should read: "I like the fact it's made for Mac users; only Mac users are so stupid that they can't use Google."
#77 - stealthpedo (01/24/2012) [+] (1 reply)
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#50 - Primus (01/24/2012) [+] (4 replies)
how can there possibly be more favorites than pinkies?
#53 to #50 - jobacoblue **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#49 - dragontamers (01/24/2012) [-]
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#42 - nickthedriver **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#13 - drpanda (01/24/2012) [-]
The picks, shovels, and diamonds just reminds me of Minecraft.
#3 - yunoacceptnumbers (01/23/2012) [-]
first one to post it and I predict there will be more :o
#1 - IronWill (01/23/2012) [-]
Favorited, it might come handy when I need it.
#75 - Jamz (01/24/2012) [-]
500 pinkies and over 1000 favourites.
500 pinkies and over 1000 favourites.
#68 - notnotkenny (01/24/2012) [+] (1 reply)
**** apple
#17 - swimmerwars (01/24/2012) [+] (1 reply)
2.75x the pinkies is the number of favorites mfw?

User avatar #4 - ambience (01/23/2012) [+] (2 replies)
continued from "what is the airspeed velosity..." of an unladen swallow! Monty Python for the win!
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