Hiring all Shits. .. missed a letter dumb but Signs Drive Through
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#31 - anonymous (11/04/2007) [-]
missed a letter dumb but
#30 - anonymous (08/19/2007) [-]
hire me im a **** on a stick with gravy so hire me
#29 - anonymous (08/13/2007) [-]
I LOVE *****
#28 - anonymous (08/09/2007) [-]
Its not that gr8t at all!! Its spossed 2 be funny!
#27 - anonymous (08/01/2007) [-]
how can you call someone a slut and a bitch, then turn around and post your phone number on the same page? the world is going to hell because of stupid people like Maybell, Alexis and "ice.T"
#26 - anonymous (07/26/2007) [-]
Thats simple but funny, the "F" fell off and the rest of the word got moved over
#19 - anonymous (07/09/2007) [-]
ROFLWAFFLE funny (>^-^)>
#18 - anonymous (07/09/2007) [-]
ha maybell the thing you said about a bitch is a female dog...i know that saying its off an icon. i used to have it on my myspace. but anyway this pic is funny
#17 - anonymous (07/08/2007) [-]
i can call people sluts if i want to kaitlyn especially after they call me a bitch
#16 - anonymous (07/08/2007) [-]
Kaitlyn- just shut up bitch!!! just cuz ur jealous cause u r gunna die a virgin!!! UNLIKE ME (call me guys)
#15 - anonymous (07/08/2007) [-]
Hey, Whats up with going around calling ppl dumbasses, bitches, sluts, whores, idiots, ******* , whatever. Shut up and comment about the picture for once!!! BTW, the pic isnt funny... at all!!!!
#14 - anonymous (07/08/2007) [-]
its supposed to say "all shi'f'ts" you morons
#13 - anonymous (07/08/2007) [-]
Arf-ified and alexis...u guyz r haterz...i bet when u get first u would expect a trophy...a blonde trophy cuz only dumb blondez like u rabbit shytz would call some1 a bitch cuz dey got first..NO OFFENCE TO OTHER BLONDES CUZ IM 1 MY SELF...BUT SEXY
#12 - anonymous (07/08/2007) [-]
if you call me a bitch a bitch is a female dog, dogs bark bark is on trees trees are nature and nature is beautiful so thanks for the complement alexis oh and i got one word for you SLUT
#11 - anonymous (07/07/2007) [-]
who cares if ur first
#10 - anonymous (07/07/2007) [-]
I agree wit Arf-ified. Maybell you're a bitch!!!!
#4 - anonymous (07/05/2007) [-]
this sucks it is suppose to say now hiring all shifts and they already have it on here taco bell sucks trust me i know i worked there
#3 - anonymous (07/05/2007) [-]
all shifts you dumb ass
#2 - anonymous (07/05/2007) [-]
whats it supposed to say?
#1 - anonymous (07/05/2007) [-]
haha bitches im first
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